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Let me guess, if you started reading this article then you are looking for a Cancun photographer?! Well, it’s me and my name is Elena Fedorova. I live in Cancun more than 7 years and I am professional photographer with a Master degree in Art. Since the moment I arrived to this tropical city, I fell in love with it and decided to stay here. I came to Cancun with one suitcase, a backpack with a photo equipment, one-way airplane ticket and a bright dream to change my life, which I did. And it turned out to be an unforgettable experience and made me an open-minded person. Very soon after my arrival I started working as a Cancun photographer. Taking into consideration my background of a wedding, family and portrait photographer in my native city, it was obvious that I will continue my artistic job in Cancun.

elena fedorova photographer cancun

My artistic job as a Cancun photographer I see as a sunny extension of my previous photography experience that is in total more than 12 years. Long enough, do you agree? If you ask me how did I last so long in such a competitive and at the same time creative area, I will answer: “I love photography, and I consider it one of the greatest contemporary visual arts”. I believe that if you love what you do, no matter what happens along the way, you will continue, because love nurture you and provide you will emotional strength that you need to keep moving forward.

life is cool in cancun

stunning proposal photos

Cancun photographer.

I think one of the best advantages of working as a Cancun photographer is a possibility to create visual art in a natural photo studio – a beach. Every time I go to a beach to take photos, I feel blessed to have such an opportunity. For me lifestyle photography (that’s how my photo style is called) is all about people and their interaction. In order to take sincere and candid photos, people in front of a camera has to be relaxed and feel comfortable. And this is possible by implying a childhood philosophy, which I described in my article “My photo session philosophy childhood formula for happiness”. Stay connected with the exact moment, that is called “Now” and enjoy it like no one is around and nobody is watching. This is a true gift that each of us has deep inside our soul. We forget about it, because sometimes we disconnect from “Now” under the pressure of daily “Must Do” and other responsibilities. So, when you are in Cancun, enjoy every moment, this way you will remember your beach vacations for a long time. And photos taken by a Cancun photographer will be a wonderful reminder that happiness is better when it’s shared.

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How to choose a Cancun photographer?

I understand that it might be not so easy to find a good Cancun photographer, when you are doing your research distantly, living miles away. Google search obviously showed you a big number of pages and websites upon your request “Photographer in Cancun”. From my own experience of looking for services or information in Google, I know that it can be time consuming and tiring. So, let me help you and share with you some ideas that can help you to make a right choice.

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1. Take a look at the photographer’s website, evaluate how it represents his/her portfolio. An experienced professional Cancun photographer should have an extended portfolio, that displays his artistic style and ability to create beautiful images. Click the next link to see my portfolio.

2. Check the reviews. Good photographer will have a special page on his website dedicated to the reviews from his/her past clients. Nowadays every online business has a review page, which can facilitates choosing the right option (service/product) for future customers. Video reviews could be even more helpful, because this way you can see real people talking about a Cancun photographer. And if written reviews can be sometimes easily falsified, video reviews are 100% real. Such types of testimonials is the best way to understand details about the quality of photographer’s work. Following the next link, you can view the reviews about my photography service.

good photographer in cancun

cancun beach photo

3. Every good Cancun photographer has social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Check them to see if a photographer is present there, how often does he/she posts and how do his accounts look like in general. Facebook offers Business owners a wonderful opportunity to have a Reviews section on the page that represents their business. So, while visiting photographer’s Facebook page you might also take a look at the reviews.

Nowadays with a rising popularity of videos, YouTube has become a great platform for promoting a business. So if a photographer has a YouTube channel and downloads there videos that’s even better, because this can help you to get to know his/her personality a little closer.

My social media accounts you can find here:



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family time cancun

4. Photo style. I understand that it can be time consuming, but if you want to get good photos that will resonate with your lifestyle and show the true essence of your relationship (family or couple), be ready to spend some time looking through Cancun photographer’s portfolio. Usually a good rule of thumb is when a photographer shows in his/her portfolio not only some random photos from different photo sessions, but rather a collection of photos grouped in galleries. This way you will have a better chance of evaluating his photo and editing style.

5. Blog is a part of a website where photographer can share his/her thoughts, experience and useful tips that can help you with planning a photo session. On my blog I post articles about travelling in Cancun and Riviera Maya, for example “Things to do in Cancun in 3 days” or “Sian Ka’an a total beach escape”. I also like to write about my photography experience and share my backstage photos, so you get a feel of what it’s like to be in front of my photo camera. And to see an example click this link.

Photographer in Cancun.

If you ask me what it’s like to be a photographer in Cancun, I would answer that it’s interesting and it can be creatively challenging. What does that mean? Let me explain to you. By saying creative challenge, I mean that as a photographer in Cancun mostly I take photos outside, either on a beach, in cenotes or underwater. All these places are part of the nature, that has her own rules and mood. Mostly it’s always sunny in Cancun, but there is a rainy season from September – mid November and in general during the year there are some cloudy days. So, if it starts raining on a day of a photo session I have to be creative and reschedule a photo shoot, unless my clients want to do photo session under the rain (click that link to see artistic examples of such photo session).

underwater symphony mexico

Being a photographer in Cancun requires me to be attentive to the weather conditions and be ready if necessary to change a plan of a photo session. And this can be challenging, because quickly changing plans means you have to do it not only for one day but maybe for another day of a week or month. Although if it’s an underwater photo session in a cenote it doesn’t matter if it rains or not, because anyway everyone taking part in a photo shoot will get wet.

Have you ever thought of doing an underwater photo shoot? Let me show you some examples so you can get an idea of what it looks like. And if you want to see more of underwater photos just click this link.

cancun underwater photographer

There are many beautiful cenotes not far from Cancun and you will get an unforgettable experience visiting one of them. Many cenotes look like caves with fresh water and they can be found only in Mexico.

5 tips for a successful beach photo session in Cancun.

Are you planning a beach photo session in Cancun? Wonderful! I am sure you will enjoy it.

Having an extended experience as a Cancun photographer, I want to share with you some useful tips that will help you to make it stress-free and turn it into an unforgettable experience.

1. Timeline. I have a separate article about photo session timeline, but still I would like to repeat and point out that choosing the right time for a beach photo session is a big part of its success. In Cancun the weather is almost always good, sunny and in summer it gets very hot. So, during the day, the sun is very bright and when you are out on the beach, it’s normal that you sweat. Also, which is very important in terms of taking photos is that bright sun will cause your eyes squinting and deep shades on the face (especially under the eyes and neck), and believe me (I have more than 12 years of experience) this kind of shades are impossible to retouch. So, the best time for a beach photo session in Cancun is either early morning from 6.00-9.00 a.m. or late afternoon from 5.00-7.00 p.m. The exact timeline depends on a season, and may vary according to a sunset and a sunrise. Most of my beach photo shoots in Cancun I do in the morning or evening. When you think about your photo session timeline consider the fact that in the morning there are usually less people, so the beaches are not so crowded as during late afternoon.

photos on sunrise cancun

Honeymoon photo session in Cancun during the sunrise 6.30 am

morning photo session in cancun

Family photo session in Cancun in the morning 8.30 am

sunset photo session cancun

Family photo session. Sunset 6.30 pm

sunset beach photo shoort

Honeymoon photo session in Cancun. Sunset 7.15 pm

2. Outfit. Based on conversations with my clients, choosing a right outfit is one of the biggest challenges during a getting ready for a beach photo session in Cancun. So, to make this process easier try to limit your choice of outfits to one’s that are made of the light fabrics in bright colors like yellow, red, green, blue, orange or white, which is considered a queen color for a beach photo session. And you, dear ladies, can also opt for a dress, and by clicking the next link you can see examples and read some pros about “Why dress is a good idea for a beach photo shoot”.

fashion photos cancun

having fun in cancun

3. Location. Unless you have been to Cancun previously and know every beach, you will definitely need an advice from a Cancun photographer on a best location. I understand that if you booked your vacation in an all-inclusive resort you would like to have a photo session on their beach area. And, yes, it’s possible! The only detail is that most of all-inclusive resorts charge an entrance fee for every outside vendor. I know that from your point of view, as well as mine, it sounds unfair, but that’s are the rules. Luckily, there are some beautiful public beaches available for a family or a couple photo shoot in Cancun. I have a list of beach locations where I usually do photo session and I always offer my clients different options depending on the hotel’s location.

sunset in nizuc hotel cancun

Sunset photo session in Nizuc hotel Cancun

4. Cheer up. I can tell you for sure, that 95% of beach photo session are initiated and booked by women. You and me know that it’s a well-known fact that guys don’t like photo sessions, but being in a relationship means sometimes one has to agree with a partner even though he doesn’t feel like doing it. Because the moment will come when he will want to do something that you prefer to avoid, but will have to agree. This is how a harmony and a balance are maintained in the relationship, right? So, you can tell your partner, that a photo session will last only 60 min, it’s not even an hour, right? I am joking, but in reality this is a phycological trick that can work. And on a scheduled day just relax in the hotel before a photo session, no rush, no hustle, only chilling out and a good mood for a photo session in guaranteed. Cheer up! Everything will work out perfect!

everything will be great

5. Be yourself! I know it’s easier said, than done, but it’s one of the best advices that I, as a Cancun photographer, can give you. I have met many wonderful couples and families, and what I noticed is that the moment they relax and apply “Childhood philosophy”, a magic happens. Do it and you will get stunning lifestyle beach photos. And this is what you want, right?

Life is a constant change, like a water in the ocean always moving and you can never step in the same water twice. We can’t change the past, and we don’t know anything about the future, because we have only “Now” to live and to remember. And there is something that can help us to remember every single life experience, and this something are photographs – visible connection between the past and a future, that stay with us now.

Do you want book a professional beach photo session with me?

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