Did you know that 90% of what the brain consumes is visual, and images are processed 60,000 times faster than text? This fact alone explains the popularity of social media like Instagram, where we share photos and videos. And those are great examples of visual content, which is an essential part of branding photography.

Creating a visual presence online helps your business be seen by millions of people worldwide. Some of them will become your followers and potential clients. And what is the best way to maintain communication with them? Posting branding photos, video, and text. Though words are essential in explaining your idea, you have to attract those who want to listen to get the chance to do that. No matter how good is your product and information, you can only sell it when you get the attention. And since the brain reacts more positively to the visual, it makes sense to invest efforts in branding photography.

Take a look at the following example. You see an Instagram feed with images based on text on the left image. And on the right side with branding photos. The difference is noticeable.

banding photos before and after

“Including branding photos in your marketing makes a big difference in your business’s visual perception and helps it stand out.” – Alma Gonzalez, life coach and founder of “Ama tu cuerpo con Alma”

branding photographer

Branding photoshoot for Alma Gonzalez – life coach and founder of “Ama tu Cuerpo con Alma”

Life is about growing and evolving. You can always change your marketing and branding strategy no matter how and where you start. Big businesses didn’t become like that in a minute. Time, effort, and powerful visual strategy is something that they have in common. And you can also have this once you realize your brand’s efficacy by applying a modern approach in growing online business.

branding photo session

Personal branding photography for online entrepreneurs.

Are you an entrepreneur, an online business owner, or a life coach passionate about what you do? Regardless of the type of business, you will want to expand your brand at some point. And to do this, you need to have a more prominent visual online presence. That’s when personal branding photography is helpful. Showing who is behind all the information published on the website is like opening the door and inviting your client to join the most exclusive event.

It’s good to have a visually appealing website with all the necessary words like “Book now,” “Contact Us,” “Request a quote,” “Subscribe,” etc., but it’s not enough. Personal branding photos show your personality behind call-to-action buttons. People do business with people, not with a text, no matter how engaging. It might be excellent and valuable, but without a personal photo, it lacks profoundness.

Personal branding photography should answer the question of who you are, what you stand for, and what your business is about. The color of the clothes, the ambiance and the background, the props you use, and the poses all these elements elegantly combined project the integrity of your brand.

Expand the message of your business by adding professional branding photos to your marketing campaign.

branding photoshoot details

Personal branding photography benefits:

  • you will have high-quality professional photos
  • an individual approach that allows shining on your personality
  • it’s a creative and a fun experience
  • you will practice being comfortable in front of the camera.
  • it will help to strengthen your message
  • create a consistent brand experience
  • show the world what you stand for with powerful visuals

elena fedorova branding photography

It’s not only about a happy face, smiling and looking straight in the camera. It’s more about designing a positive first impression in the mind of your potential clients. Remember a famous quote: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” It’s especially true for online business entrepreneurs, for example, life coaches. So when a client finds your website and opens your “About me” page, what do you want him/her to see? A sad or a happy face? What colors are your clothes? Are you wearing a dress or a suit? What is your pose telling about you?

You might think that a branding photo is just a silent digital image and therefore can’t impact the first impression. But what is the other way for a client to get to meet you the very first time?

travel blog branding photos

Savannah – Travel Blog branding photoshoot.

travel branding photography Insagram

Savannah – Travel Blog branding photoshoot.

In the business world, every detail is valuable, your service and product, marketing and management, advertisement and PR, online content, social media presence, the way you dress, and the quality of your branding photos. Though your iPhone has a good camera that facilitates making high-quality Lives, it’s not a professional camera. And you need an experienced branding photographer to take photos because it’s challenging to be all-in-one and professional help is always valuable.

connect elena fedorova photography

Branding photoshoot.

Who needs a branding photoshoot? In general, everyone who has a professional career, especially online business owners: life coaches, clothing brand owners, designers, photographers, videographers, hair and makeup artists, florists, public speakers, marketing and sales managers, yoga instructors and fitness trainers, and those of you who want to expand your business message by integrating a visual story in the personal brand.

yoga branding photoshoot

Personal yoga branding photoshoot for Dawn Torres of “Dakini Healing and Yoga”

yoga branding photos

Personal yoga branding photoshoot for Dawn Torres of “Dakini Healing and Yoga”

how to plan your branding photoshootSimple steps to plan and book your branding photoshoot:

  1. Contact me and tell me about your business.
  2. Do you want to do a branding photoshoot during your vacation in Cancun or Playa del Carmen? If so, provide the name of the resort/hotel you booked. This info will help me make a list of possible photoshoot locations.
  3. Share your website or social media account with me to better understand your business and personality.
  4. Scheduling a phone/WhatsApp call is an excellent way to get to know each other.
  5. Do you need some inspiration? Check out Pinterest for unique branding photoshoot ideas. Keep in mind the location and the ambiance. If you plan a photoshoot in the studio, look for inspirational photos taken in the studio.
  6. Bring some props, like images that inspire you, books, magazines, other objects with your business logo, and other details representing your brand.
  7. Pay special attention to the outfit. Depending on the duration of a photo session, choose 3-10 outfits that represent your business.

A life coach photoshoot.

Are you a life coach looking for a photoshoot? Then this information is for you. Depending on your specialization and brand, a photoshoot can occur indoors or outdoors. If you are starting and need essential branding photos for your Instagram and a website, consider doing an indoor photoshoot in a studio, apartment, or house. As a starter kit for a life coach photoshoot, use a laptop, iPhone, several books, notebooks with inspiring phrases, and bring your favorite cup. Also, make sure to have 3-5 clothing. This first photoshoot will give you a variety of portrait photos and detailed images that you can use to design your “Life coach welcome guide” and post on Instagram, Facebook, and your website.

life coach photo shoot

Branding photoshoot for Alma Gonzalez – life coach and founder of “Ama tu Cuerpo con Alma”

As a life coach, you help people feel better and improve specific areas of their lives. And I, as a personal branding photographer, will help your business to enhance a wonderful message that you are already transmitting online. Think about branding photos as sparkles that will make your business shine brighter and stand out. So contact me, and let’s discuss your first life coach photoshoot. Trust me, it’s not as complicated as it might seem initially, and I am here to help you make it a pleasant and inspiring experience.

Photoshoot for a clothing brand.

Fashion is an integral part of our culture and is one of the largest industries in the world. We express our individuality with dresses, suits, skirts, pants, and different accessories. But even being a particular industry, it also needs to evolve, and in the 21 century, it means to apply digital technologies in distributing fashion news, ideas, and clothes.

photoshoot for a clothing brand

clothing brand photoshoot

Online clothes stores are getting more popular, putting a photoshoot for a clothing brand in high demand. Every new collection and item requires photos uploaded to the online store and posted on social media. Of course, this is not the only requirement for a successful clothing brand, but hardly you doubt that it’s possible without this step. Photos and images are all around us, and if your goal is to grow your clothing brand, then doing a seasonal photoshoot should be considered a part of your marketing.

clothing brand photo shoot

If 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, representing your business with professional branding photos makes your business 90% stronger.