How do you feel when you meet someone for the first time?

Will you feel free in front of a person that you meet the first time?

It takes time to relax, start enjoying the company and more important to reveal your candid sincere emotions. Will it be possible to relax in 5-10 minutes? Everything good takes time. A good photo session takes time but at the end what you receive will be valuable, because of the results – photos, that preserved precious moments of your life.

All the photos in my portfolio were made during 1-2 hours photo sessions (either it’s an engagement, honeymoon or family). It is an average time to establish a friendly contact, for you to enjoy the photo session experience and for me to capture beautiful moments and accentuate the beauty of you personalities. I know that your first reaction may sound like: “Oh, no! That’s too long” But believe me time flies, sometimes too fast! Especially when you are on a vacation, having a good time on the beach with a magnificent view on the Caribbean sea.

A photo session on the beach or any other outdoor location is different from a photo session in the studio for one main reason. In the studio there are normally one-three decorations that you can use to pose, which puts some limits to your movements but saves some time. Outdoor locations give you a variety of spots to make pictures but requires more time for movements and changing spots, but at the end the photographs will look more diverse and interesting. The outdoor location is always a better choice for the lifestyle photo sessions, which I am offering to you to experience.

The main clue of a lifestyle – documentary photo session is not about posing, it’s about creating some situations and by letting you live through them and capture your candid emotions. And this requires spending some time together. In this situation the photographer is also a director of the photo shoot.

You are welcome to experience a photo session in the most beautiful locations in Riviera Maya or Cancun. You will receive beautiful professional photos that will tell a story of one special day in your life.

Press the following image to find out about philosophy of my beach photo sessions.

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