Hello! My name is Elena Fedorova and I am a destination wedding photographer in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya.

In 2005 I graduated from Saint Petersburg University with a Master degree in Art and Culture, feeling completely lost not knowing what to do next, what direction to take, having zero ideas about my future career. It was a strange and frustrating feeling to realize that 5 years of University life gave a pack of knowledge about art and no understanding of my life purpose. At this moment of emotional loneliness I gave myself a promise that from now on I will not lose a minute of my life in pointless movements, because life is too precious even to lose one second. That became a starting line of my search and after a while I was awarded with the idea of taking a photo camera and start capturing the beauty of the present moment to fill in the future with bright and vivid memories.

I was looking for something that I will love doing with all my heart, that will make me wake up early in the morning knowing I have to do something meaningful that will bring positive vibes and emotions into someone’s life, make them admire themselves and cherish even more what they have. I was dreaming of expressing my artistic vision of life by creating beautiful images…I found it! Photography!

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Press the following image to find out about philosophy of my beach photo sessions.

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