Hello! My name is Elena Fedorova and I am a lifestyle photographer in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Tulum, Isla Mujeres and Cozumel.

I am a photographer, artist and simply a woman who is living a creative life. I guess the fact, that in 2005 I graduated from Saint Petersburg State University of Art and Culture with a Master Degree in Art adds up a lot to my creative life. At that time photography was just a hobby and all my spare time I was devoting to taking photos. While walking around the city, travelling around suburbs on my days off, exploring the world around me, I had enough time to think about What is that I really want to do in my life? The answer didn’t take long to arrive. “I want to become a professional photographer! I want to do photo sessions and take beautiful photos, showing the beauty, uniqueness, the true self of everyone in front of the lens. I want to do a meaningful job and by taking photos I help to save life memories, which otherwise might be forgotten. I want to show the light that everyone has inside their soul and heart.”

I remember how during my adolescence and University years I always admired Professionals. Whenever I read articles about how someone archived success in some specific area, I always thought: “I want to be a Professional!” Now after twelve years of doing photography, I can say that I achieved that goal, I am a professional photographer. Which doesn’t mean that I should stop moving forward. There is always room for growth! New horizons open every time you make a step forward, and this means there is no top level, it’s a road, a never ending process of self-exploration in a creative field of mind.

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Spiritual journey.
I prefer to do things the way I think is correct, without exaggerating and breaking basic borders of morality and human rights. I don’t follow what is popular, I concentrate on my own feelings and thoughts in search for personal answers and that’s one of the reasons why during my spiritual journey I headed to Mexico, sunny Riviera Maya. While in pop culture, India is considered a destination for spiritual journey, I have chosen the other continent. I refer to this journey as spiritual, because of all the positive changes that happened in my life after I arrived to Riviera Maya in 2013. An awakening happened during this trip, after I received all the knowledge I needed (by reading on a daily basis), that for some reason I didn’t obtain in my home town, probably because I wasn’t ready for it. My lucky one way ticket to Mexico turned into an unforgettable adventure and spiritual awakening.

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Beside photography, I love painting, I go to theatre classes, I run several times a week, I practice yoga and meditation and I am all into the healthy lifestyle, without going to the extreme.
I admire Mother Nature and my photography art is in many ways inspired by its beauty.

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