Underwater world is magnificent, enigmatic and powerful. And thanks to underwater photography and videography nowadays it’s possible to admire this world on the screen of a laptop, in art galleries or scrolling through photos on the phone.

You take a deep breath and dive into the unknown – underwater where your mind is filled in with beautiful sounds of Universe, silence. Underwater it feels like gravity doesn’t exist, you just relax and move with the flow. You try to touch the water, but it sleeps away. You try to find the edge of the ocean, but it’s far beyond your reach.

Underwater photography for me is a chance to show this divine, speechless, but emotional world. Where every bubble, every pattern on the water surface, every fish and coral co-exist in harmony, complementing each other and creating a remarkable symphony called underwater life.

Despite the silence underwater everything is constantly moving, even a tiny grain of sand doesn’t stay long on one spot. Sea current makes it travel around the bottom of different oceans.

Inhale, exhale and jump, there, underwater you will face a different reality that will make you wonder why you haven’t explored this world earlier.

As an underwater photographer in Cancun, Riviera Maya, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres I have a constant possibility to explore and photograph this beautiful world beneath the water surface. And I welcome you to join me for an extreme and beautiful underwater photo session.

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