Wedding! Pronouncing this word makes every bride excited and the anticipation of this great day cause the butterflies in your stomach to appear more often. Wedding is indeed one of the most remarkable days in the life of every person. Hours and hours spent on wedding planning, so that every detail will merge to turn this day into a wedding fairytale.

Your wedding dress, make – up and hairdo will emphasize your individuality and make you look especially gorgeous, wedding decorations will be installed to fascinate you and your guests that will be there for you to celebrate and witness the moment of your family creation.

But now let’s take a quick look at what happens after the final minutes of the wedding day are gone.

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The dress will never be used again and probably will stay in the closet or be granted or sold. The delicious wedding cake will disappear, the wedding flowers will wilt, wedding decorations will be disassembled, make up washed away and one sunny day you will leave the wedding resort where you held you wedding ceremony and spent your honeymoon vacations. So, what will be left? What will remind you of your special day? What will you have as an evidence of that precious day? Memories! Yes, sure and it’s a known fact that half of them have a tendency to vanish with time. The next answer is photographs and video.  The value of these items is going to increase with time, since not only they preserve our memories but also make them more vivid and lively, in comparison to all the other important details of the wedding day, described above, photography along with videography it is a long lasting investment.

During the wedding day many things happen, a lot of emotions are expressed, smiles and tears, kisses and hugs, everything that took place during the wedding will disappear and for you will be difficult to notice all that.  Once again the photo magic will take care of it, with a photographer who will capture all the tiny moments that later will turn into a big bright wedding memory album. You will be able to see the moments that skipped away from your attention during the wedding day.

The photographs help to remember not only the dresses, outfits, decorations but what is more important, they capture the obvious emotions transferred from the bottom of your soul and heart; your face expressions, little sparkles in your eyes when you were looking at your husband, the tenderness while holding each other hands, the excitement while reading your wedding vows, the joy after hearing the words: “And now you can kiss your Husband!”

Remember this beautiful day!