Are you ready to fly?
This will be an elegantly inspiring, gracefully empowering, and flying dress photoshoot atlanta experience!

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flying dress photographerA flying dress photoshoot is a break from the everyday hustle and bustle, an invitation to an exquisite feminine world where dreaming is a healthy everyday habit that fuels your spirit.

It is a dream photoshoot, where something magical happens when you put on a flowing dress, you hold that feather-light fabric and face the wind, with your heart opened to adventure and your mind free of judgement. Inhale and exhale love, feel joy not as something you have to earn, but rather as  something that you can generate on your own by allowing yourself to fly beyond the limits of your own imagination.

There is an enormous world around you, waiting for you to discover all the creative outlines hidden behind the invisible curtain of unspoken desires. Allow yourself to say “Yes!” to something you have always dreamed of doing. It is brave and inspiring, and it’s the emotional price of creativity that is a part of a stable and healthy relationship with yourself. Fly and liberate those beautiful feminine powers that have been given to you by nature.

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There is something magical in the way the dress flows, when its lines are not straight but curvy which creates a feeling of a spiritual zero gravity and unlimited gentle possibilities. You can do it! You can have everything you want in life, just allow yourself to dream, to fly, to have that strong child-like desire of becoming who you want to be for no other reason but because YOU want it.

With a flying dress photoshoot you will create your own magic.  You will guide the dress, you will be that graceful power that gently moves the fabric, allowing it to fly free and take its own artistic form. Touch it, dance with it, and feel how your body movements help to create incredible waves of joy and delight.

A flying dress photo session is an allegory of all things feminine. It is elegant, bright, creative, charming, graceful, inspiring and cheerful.

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5 reasons to do a flying dress photoshoot:

  • You will liberate your inner feminine power!
  • You will feel more graceful!
  • You will get exquisite and beautiful photos!
  • You will feel good!
  • You will let more elegance and grace into your private space!

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Dance with the wind!

Do you need the wind to do a dress photo session? The wind is helpful, but it’s not necessary.

There are multiple ways of making the dress fly: either with the help of my assistant, a friend or partner will need to help.

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The power of the dress.

In our highly masculine world, being a graceful, elegant woman and wearing a dress is harnessing a feminine superpower. Dresses are for every woman, and there are hundreds of them for every occasion. Spectacularly glamorous and easy to wear, comfortable, elegant and refined, flowy and bright. You choose the dress to wear!

I am strong believer in the power of the dress! What power I am talking about? The power to be yourself! The woman – strong and vulnerable, elegant and passionate, who laughs and cries, inquisitive and loves to wonder, who fell down and stood back up, who dreams and makes it happen, who knows her worth and is compassionate, who loves and is not afraid of being loved.

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A dress being a symbol of a woman for so many centuries has a special energy. Feminine life coach Candice Oneida says: “wearing pants blocks feminine energy”, so in the same way wearing a dress can help to unblock the energy and accentuate your femininity. I have felt the great power of wearing a dress in my life. In my second marriage I lost my femininity, and after going through a painful divorce, wearing dresses helped me to find a balance, peace of mind and inspiration.

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There is no scientific proof that the “Power of the dress” exists, but if you believe in it and wear the dress, you will generate an invisible energy powerful enough to make a positive change in your life. And maybe that is what you were looking for…

join the power of the dress