Have you ever wondered what a flying dress photoshoot is? The main idea behind this type of photography is to use a dress with a big train that will fly when wind blows or when a photographer’s assistant moves it. The flying dress is usually made of satin, organza, chiffon or other shiny or light fabric. The longer the train the more prominent will be the effect of a flying dress. Do you agree that these dresses add some extra sophistication and elegance to every photo? The possibility of a fabric to move with a wind or other external movements gives a photographer a chance to use it the most creative way. As a general rule the lighter the fabric the easier it flies and creates more curves when falling down after being thrown up in the air. Fabrics, such as satin, form different effects and the example you can see by clicking the image with a model in green dress at the end of this gallery.

The flying dress photography has become very popular nowadays, especially in countries with warm weather and lots of sun, like Mexico. And one of the best places to do this type of photoshoot is either at the beach somewhere near the coastline where a light breeze will help a dress to fly.

The flying dress photos that you can see in this gallery were taken at the beach in Playa del Carmen Mexico. I also do flying dress photoshoots in Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Tulum.

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