“Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.” Mike Singletary – American Football player.

Ask me this question, and I will answer: “The opportunity to create.” A visual story that shows the genuine interaction of people in front of the photo camera and the beauty the way I see it. In my 15 year career as a photographer I have created hundreds of visual stories of families, couples and wonderful women. 

In June 2021 one of The New York Times presented me with an amazing opportunity that allowed me to create a photo story of Imani Bashir and her son Nasir. Later that month the article “Teaching my Black son to swim” was published and my photos became a visual representation of that “brave heart” story. 

Doing that photo session was a challenge for me because of the limited time I was given and the light (the King in photography) that was not the best on that day. But, I am a professional photographer and this creative challenge is part of my job, a job that I love with all my heart! One day the light is good and benefits a photo session, another day it’s not, but when it’s the only opportunity you have to create a visual story, you take it and make it work the best way possible. 

I was sincerely touched when I saw the photos that they published in the main article were the ones I also considered the best, especially the main one. And to be honest I am proud that my photos were published in The New York Times. I also took underwater photos of Nasir and they are part of The New York Times Instagram account.  

Check the article following this link.

Elena Fedorova for the New York times

New York Times photo sessionNew York Times photographer Elena Fedorovaa


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