My photo session philosophy Childhood formula for happiness.

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A sea, palm trees, a beach, warm sand, what associations do you have with these words? Let me guess, holidays and vacation! As you pronounce these words, deep down your soul it becomes so warm and pleasant, that in a leap of a second you find yourself caught in a world of dreams, wondering around a beach on a sunset.

The beach and the sea always tune in something positive. Even a short vacation in a tropical area with a beachfront view can charge you with cheerfulness for many months ahead. The main thing during the vacation, is to disconnect from all the worries and focus on the present moment, where every morning you are greeted by a bright sun and a warm breeze, gently waving your hair.

Beach photo sessions, which are very popular in Mexico (in Cancun and Riviera Maya) are done to capture and remember exactly these joyful moments. Laughter and smiles; feeling carefree and lighthearted; jogging barefoot along the beach; splashes of waves; sand castles; jumping into the water in clothes; hugs and kisses; dance on the beach – in one word “childhood formula for happiness”. Why childhood? Working as a family photographer for more than 12 years, I met many children, and had a chance to observe how they behave on the beach. They are sincerely happy while simply looking at the sea and running along the shore; they scream and laugh every time the splashes of waves reach them; they enjoy jumping on the sand, and you can see sparkles of joy in their eyes, when they discover a small shell in the sand, which for a short period of time becomes a jewel for them. They act like no one is around and they don’t care what others might think about them. They know how to completely connect with the present moment, and they do it, not worrying about what happens tomorrow, because they are having fun right Now!

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That’s how it should be on the beach, because the beach is a holiday, a vacation from everyday duties, schedules, bosses, employees and employers, morning wake ups at 5 am, traffic jams, etc. On the beach, even an adult can relax and behave himself like a kid.

“Childhood formula for happiness” – is a philosophy that stands behind my beach photo sessions.

When you come back home and return to your usual rhythm of life with a 5-days work week, the pure and positive energy stored in your photos will be fascinating, giving you a good reason for a smile, laughter and admiration!

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