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We all know that the main sense of photography is to stop the moment, saving it in our memory albums. Although different kind of photography stops different kind of moments. If we are talking about wedding photography, engagement or honeymoon photography then first comes the important part,  noticing a unique light between two people, couple that is in love with each other. I have noticed a long time ago that some little first sight details may give a clue on how to give these exact photosessions some exclusive charm with remarkable style. Since the word photography means catching light, so with working with a couple the photographer is capturing the light that are coming from the couple and their relations towards each other.

One of the photosessions that I made on the last month of 2014 was for Valeri and Alex. From the first moment I saw them, I realized that the photosession have to be made with a hint of magic. They both have very vivid appearance and the word magic was the first one on my mind. It was good that we decided to make a photosession in Playa del Carmen because here we have tropical forests close to the beaches that help us to create on photos exactly that magical atmosphere I was thinking of as a location for the photosession.




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