Underwater photo session in a cenote backstage.

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Nothing is impossible for those who try!

An underwater photo session in a cenote is an amazing opportunity to challenge yourself and to see what more you are capable of. It’s interesting, breathtaking, adventurous and absolutely unforgettable! You don’t need to be an expert in swimming underwater, but you need to feel comfortable staying in a fresh water for at least two hours. This is a minimum time necessary to take photos underwater, because posing there is a little inconvenient and requires a lot of patience and many attempts. But believe me, the game is worth the candle and such an unusual photo shoot will bring you exceptional experience and tons of positive vibes.

My photo sessions in cenotes consist of two parts:

1 – I take photos around a cenote in a natural ambiance, pristine nature full of palm trees, tropical trees and flowers.

2 – underwater photo shoot

underwater photo session in a cenote

cenote photo session mexico

There are hundreds of cenotes in Riviera Maya and all around Yucatan peninsula but not all of them are available for photo sessions. Some of them are too narrow, others are too deep and many of them just don’t have enough natural light, which is very important for an underwater photo session. Most of cenotes are classified in 4 categories and you can read about them in my article Yucatan cenotes a gift of the Mexican nature.

It took me a long time to find my favorite cenotes that are opened to public and at the same time are not crowded. Along the Riviera Maya there are some private cenotes, exclusively opened only for special events like weddings, Mayan ceremonies and professional photo shoots. Depending on a cenote location the best time for a photo session also differs. Based on my extended experience I found out that in general early morning gives the most amazing light. And photography is all about light, so I always schedule photo shoots to get the softest, which is considered the best.

I use professional equipment during my underwater photo sessions in cenotes, which includes Nikon photo cameras and lenses and Ikelite underwater cases. All together these equipment allows me to take high resolution images, which later you will be able to print in a form of a one single photo or photobook.

The following backstage photos were taken by my assistant during one of the underwater photo session in a cenote, located very close to Tulum. This is one of the most popular places in Mexico for beach vacations and honeymoon trips. By the way if you want to use your wedding gowns for an underwater photo shoot in a cenote be sure that they will not be ruined, because the water in cenotes is fresh, not like in the sea. So, after a photo session you will just need to put it under the sun so it can dry.

underwater photo shoot riviera maya

underwater photo session in cenote

underwater photo shoot in cenotes mexico

underwater photo shoot cenote

underwater phoot session riviera maya

underwater photosession mexico cenotes

underwater photo session cenote

underwater photo session cancun

 Take a look at the photos of this amazing photo session in cenotes by clicking the next link – Trash the dress and underwater in cenote.

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