Who is a destination wedding photographer?

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One of my friends recently wrote me a message in which she told me that she is planning to have a wedding away from her native town in Europe. When it came the time to start searching for the photographer for the wedding she got confused and she asked me what is the main difference between destination wedding photographer and a regular wed photographer and what is the correct way to look in the Google search.

I would love to help her, in reality I would love to be her wedding photographer but we are separated by a great distance, the ocean and a 12 hour flight from Mexico to Europe, so in this case I could only help her with advice and an explanation of the difference between these two meanings. After answering her question I decided to write a full article about this subject in case it might help someone else.

Destination wedding photographer

is, first of all, a professional in his/her area and then a person who is making photos of weddings outside of the city where he/she mainly lives. This Photographer is ready to travel with you to any country (city) where your wedding will be held. I would call such a photographer a wedding-travel photographer.

Very often photographers specialize in traveling and working in some exact destination (country or city). The best variant will be to find a person who has already been photographing in the city where you are going to have the wedding. Thereby he/she already knows the details of making photos in this place, knows many beautiful locations, where you would probably like to make pictures after the ceremony or the next day.

Every country has its own marvelous places as well as the laws that allow or don’t allow making photographs on some exact territories. Some places require a special permission to make photos and I think you will agree that it is better to know ahead about such circumstances.

Beside what I described above, a destination wedding photographer can also help you to map out and plan the total route of the photo session and plan your destination wedding. When you invite the photographer to join you on your trip you should keep in mind that most of the professionals include the price for the flight and their stay in the hotel in their packages.

destination wedding photographer

Many of the photographers like to travel and maybe they have already planned all the journeys ahead for one year, by contacting the photographer you can check his/her travel schedule and see if the date of your wedding day matches with the time of the photographer’s stay in the city. There is always a possibility that the dates will coincide and it will be much easier for you and for your destination wedding photographer.

The process of organizing a wedding far away from your native city is very exciting and in some way may be a little troublesome and for sure you will spend a lot of hours, force, energy and of course money to make everything perfect, so it is normal to wish that everything will be planned and will work out the correct way.

Your wedding photographer will be responsible for capturing and saving the most wonderful and emotional moments of your wedding day. It will be better to start searching for the photographer as soon as possible to be sure that the professional that you will choose will be available on the day of your wedding.

I wish you good luck in your search for the destination photographer and if you plan to have a wedding ceremony in Mexico: Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya I will be happy to capture the best bright moments of your special day.

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