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Imagine… It’s a cold, winter day. You look outside the window and you see trees, roads, roofs covered with snow. You wish to go out but the welcoming warm home atmosphere holds you too tight. You make yourself a warm cup of tea, seat down in your cosy sofa, turn on your favorite music and open your photo album that was left on the coffee table. You slowly turn page after page and the last photos you see are showing your mexican vacations that you had last winter. You stop for a moment, close your eyes and remember

Bright colors fill all the space around you, sunlight playing with hotspots on the turquoise sea surface, soft wind as if hugging you and inviting to move forward, your feet sink into fluffy, tender white sand. You hear the pleasant sounds of the waves covering the seashore and see birds flying around freely and carefree. Your husband takes your hand, smiles and you see sparkles of sincere happiness in his eyes. You walk together along the beach, leaving footprints behind. Suddenly he takes you with his hands and runs into the sea, you start laughing and millions of splashes fly apart around you. You find yourself surrounded by an immense and endless sea of happiness!

You close you album, still smiling and knowing that these unforgettable moments will always stay safe in your heart and photo album, warming you up on cold days.

That is the power of the memories!

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