How to have a blast during Tulum honeymoon?

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In Tulum Mexico

What pictures you imagine while thinking about Tulum Mexico honeymoon? Is it the beach or the Caribbean sea like on these pictures?

honeymoon in tulum mexico

tulum mexico honeymoon photo

After living here for more than three years I can assure you this is only a little part of the magnificent places that wait for you in Tulum. And without no doubt it is deservedly named one of the top world destinations for honeymoon vacations. Let me ask you another question. What are you expecting from your Tulum honeymoon?

Long hours of relaxation on the beach? – Yes, it will definitely happen.

Enjoy the authentic, village-like atmosphere with the amenities of the 21st  century? Yes and yes, only in Tulum.

Wake up, step out of the wooden house, walk along the soft, fluffy sand to the see the sunrise? – Yes, you will be able to repeat this every day, as long as you stay in Tulum.

Forget about the time running and fall asleep in the shade of the palm tree, listening to the sounds of the sea breeze and rustles of the palm tree leaves? – Yes, it is guaranteed.

Tulum Mexico honeymoon only three words that hide a great variety of feelings and unstoppable flow of positive emotions. And unlike Cancun honeymoon in Tulum these emotions will come from the fusion with nature.  Just to prove my statement allow me to share with you the following images:

tulum mexico honeymoon

beach in tulum mexico

tulum mexico honeymoon picture

honeymoon tulum mexico

honeymoon in tulum

Even though the rooms (also named Cabanas) here cover a lot of beachfront territory, they take care of the surrounding ambiance in order to preserve the look of the primitive nature. And that is great, isn’t it?

Another reason that makes Tulum stand out in the list of honeymoon destinations is transport. Yes! I mean transport, like the one that dominates the roads of the big cities, but with one huge difference.  you will not see traffic jams here, nor big amounts of the cars. Moreover the most popular way to drive around Tulum is a bike. The simplest of existing vehicles is in great demand in the town. Maybe it is not so convenient for the long distance rides, but if you plan to spend your honeymoon vacations in the town then here is a tip on where to the get the bike: Every hotel-cabanas has a rental service and in case they don’t you will be able to find rental stores in the center of the cabanas zone in Tulum. So don’t worry you will have an opportunity to enjoy healthy rides. And for everyone who is planning to diversify their Tulum honeymoon here is a list of activities to do and places to see. Have fun!

tulum honeymoon activities

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