Flying dress photoshoot – empowering women through visual self-care and nourishing femininity

It can’t be a better time to dream big than now! This precise moment is always the best because Now is what we call life.

I came up with the idea of doing an empowering woman photoshoot in a flying dress at the end of summer 2021. By then, I had a small collection of colorful dresses and a big dream to do a photoshoot in the megapolis. And finally, during Christmas vacation, I planned my trip to Mexico City (with a population of 24 000 000 people). I made all the necessary arrangements with the beautiful participants. I booked a flight and the hotel, so all was set. Then, I decided that January, the first month of the year, is the right time to turn this project into reality because that is the best way to start a new year – dream big and act!

My decision to do this empowering woman photoshoot in a megapolis was based on the idea to show that even in the midst of a hectic world, you can still find time to be beautiful, feel good, and dream with no boundaries, dream as that little girl, who believed in the fairy tales and magic. And more important, do it just for you! So, the location, big city, is like an allegory of a hectic world. Beautiful women in flying dresses symbolize woman empowerment through visual self-care and nourishing femininity.atlanta flying dress photoshoot

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Women who took part in this photo session are not professional models. And it didn’t stop them from having this wonderful experience. They are moms and great professionals in their field of work:

Guadalupe Castañeda (entrepreneur)

Alexandra Rodriguez (biologist)

Paula Guzman (writer and co-founder of RadioPassion Us)

Alma Gonzalez (life coach and founder of “Ama tu Cuerpo con Alma”)

No matter where you are and where you go, you bring beauty. It’s inside you; you already own it; you are beautiful! So, step out in the spotlight and allow a colorful flying dress to be your vibrant assistant on this empowering adventure!

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Visual self-care and a beauty empowerment.

Visual self-care is a combination of two powerful words. Therefore, it stands for taking care of a visual side of your personality and life, so as a result, you can feel good emotionally, hence happier.

Humans are very visual, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, and we process it 60000 times faster than text. So, what is visual self-care, and how is it connected to beauty empowerment? Visual is everything and everyone around us. It’s something and someone you can see and sometimes even touch. When you stand in front of the mirror or look at your photo, whom do you see? You see yourself! Your face, your body, your clothes. Visual is what you wear and how you look. So, as much as it’s deeply connected to how you feel inside, your values, and beliefs, it has a lot to do with the visual images you are projecting in your brain.

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So, visual self-care is about projecting the correct type of images in your brains that inspire you and thus empower you.

Every woman is beautiful, but the sad side of this statement is not each feels beautiful.

I have 15 years of experience in photography, and the most common fear that women experience on a first photo session is: “I feel weird! I am not photogenic!” Trust my experience when I say that the only reason why you might think that way on your first photo sessions is that you are not used to it. In other words, it’s a new experience for you, and it will take your mind time to process it. After that, you will feel comfortable.

While the word “photogenic” has a professional connotation and is appropriate in movies, TV shows, and fashion magazines, it has nothing to do with feeling beautiful.

Many people believe that beauty has a standard. But, then, is there an international standard? Because a standard of beauty in a rare tribe somewhere in the Amazon rainforest is different from the Western world. So, with all the diversity of cultures, how can we define one common standard? And should we? Isn’t it much healthier for self-esteem to let everyone enjoy their individuality and beauty?

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So, do you want to feel beautiful? Then, visual self-care should become a part of your daily habits. And it’s an active process. This means practicing looking more at yourself and your photos without criticizing and comparing yourself to an image of someone you just saw on social media or TV. When you scroll through Instagram or Facebook and see photos of celebrities, influencers or familiar people that you find attractive, you might catch yourself thinking: “I wish I could do it, but later, maybe one day when I …” This way of thinking leaves you with the image of a third person in your mind (thus consciousness) whom you found more attractive. And the more you look at the other people in social media or television that you perceive as beautiful, the far you get away from your beauty. How can you change this?

  • Replace the word compare to CREATE (yourself)
  • Extend the word comfortable to wearing colorful dresses more often, even at home. Do it for you. Feed your brain and subconsciousness with beautiful images of you.
  • Decorate your space with details that make it cozier and visually beautiful.
  • Pamper yourself by occasionally buying something you like, not something you need, but rather something you want.
  • Invite yourself out to a nice restaurant, art gallery, museum or theatre, some other beautiful place. Allow as much beauty in your life as you can.
  • Find a good photographer in your area and do a portrait photo session for you (just for you, no one else is invited). Think about this as the “ME” time that you truly deserve. Take this photo session seriously and plan it, paying special attention to the outfits. Choose several colorful dresses (red, blue, green, yellow, purple, etc.) . It’s always nice to have a choice. And enjoy it. Feel yourself the star of this session! When you receive the photos, print them, hang on the walls around the house, upload them on your phone, share them in your social media accounts, and look at them more often. Feed your brain with images that are showing that beautiful person – YOU.

And that is one of the steps in your beauty empowerment.

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Nourishing femininity as a part of a female empowering.

Nowadays, female empowering is taking place all around the globe with different intensities. It happens in economic, social, political, educational and psychological areas of life.

A visual female empowering is about feelings and thoughts formed on the base of the visible forms, lines, and acts.  That, in turn, influences consciousness and subconsciousness, thus is directly connected to the phycological area of life.

Femininity, as stated in most dictionaries, is a set of attributes, behaviors, and roles generally associated with women and girls. And the main idea of empowerment is based on becoming stronger and more confident in controlling ones’ life and claiming one’s rights.

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In our society that is deeply influenced by external images and filled with unrealistic standards of female beauty, it’s difficult for many women who don’t comply to appreciate their individuality and feel beautiful. That’s when competing can take first place instead of creating, which is considered a female characteristic. So, to level up creativity and femininity, it is essential for the woman to love herself at every moment of her life and expand her role beyond being just mom and a wife.

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I believe that art, elegance, and dignity as part of beauty’s manifestation are essential elements of women’s lives and help maintain the feminine spirit, the one that is the essence of female well-being and balance. And the stronger the spirit, the more loved and beautiful she feels, and inevitably the more empowered she becomes.

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empowering women photoshoot reviewBe empowered with the flying dress.

It’s more than just a flying dress. It’s an artistic medium to transmit a message that you are liberating yourself from all the limiting thoughts holding you from feeling beautiful. Who needs that message? First of all, you, remember humans are very visual, and at some point, you need to see “YOU” to strengthen your belief. And second, people around you, let everyone see how beautiful you are.

Flying dress is your silent, colorful assistant on your way of stepping in front of the camera. It’s that big step forward that you planned to do so long. Now is your time to do this!

flying dress photoshoot empowerment

The idea of the flying dress was born on a sunny island in Santorini, Greece. Until now, flying dress photo sessions were popular mainly with a tropical and Mediterranean background, but it’s time to expand.

Are you ready to be the center of attention? In other words, are you prepared to be seen? We are so used to seeing celebrities and models as the center of attention that we almost intuitively believe that if you are not one of them, you don’t deserve to be noticed.

Flying dress photoshoot is like spiritual permission for you to shine and become the center of attention, standing in the spotlight of your own life.

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The result of a flying dress photo session that can be described as empowering words for every woman:

  • Boost of self-confidence
  • Team empowerment with a like-minded woman
  • Fun time and a chance to remember yourself as a little fairy who knows how to fly.
  • You learn to own the space
  • Liberating
  • You will get beautiful photos

flying dress empowering photos

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It’s a real fairy tale that can happen with you, which can become the powerful first step on your way to visual self-care. Every woman deserves to be in front of the camera and be in the spotlight. It’s for you, my dear, who now is reading these words. Hear me, read these empowering words dedicated to you: “You are beautiful! You are loved! You are enough!”

Your spiritual light accentuated by a colorful flying dress has a great power to brighten up a street, a city, and maybe someone’s life. When you allow yourself to shine, you unconsciously permit others to do the same.

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Backstage of empowering women photoshoot in Flying Dresses.

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