Sian Ka’an a total beach escape.

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What are you dreaming about when you imagine a beach vacation? Does the image in your mind match the one that you see below?

sian kaan biosphere

If your answer is yes then in this article you can find out detailed information about this place. It is Sian Kaan that is located on the coast of the Riviera Maya. It is the perfect place for those of you who want to experience a total beach escape.

Let me tell you, first of all Sian Ka’an is a biosphere reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage site. That means you will not see luxury hotels on its territory, it signifies the absence of modern amenities and the domination of the pristine tropical nature. The Sian Kaan’s flora and fauna is incredible diverse. In case you want to see at least some part of its variety the best idea is to take an organized tour.

The name Sian Kaan is translated from Mayan language as the “Origin of the Sky” and the total area is around 1.6 million acres. From one side it is washed by the warm waters of the Caribbean sea and from the other by the lagoon, where the crocodiles are one of the main inhabitants.

sian kaan biosphere reserve

sian kaan photo

You can visit Sian Kaan biosphere on your own, if your main goal is to see the isolated beach area. The main entrance is at the end of the cabanas zone in Tulum. A stone archway will signify the entrance and after driving straight for 7-10 minutes on your left side you will see camping areas, that is where you can enter the Sian Kaan beach. The security usually charge a small entrance fee of 30-50 pesos, its a reasonable price for the chance to see the incredible, divine beauty of the virgin beach and nature.

Images and videos always speak louder than words when it comes to the ambiance. here is a video I made during one of my visits to Sian Kaan.

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