El Rey ruins in Cancun.

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Once, on one very sunny day, after the photo session in Cancun, I decided to linger for several hours in this resort city to rest and get a fresh batch of impressions by visiting the open-air museum El Rey.

For the majority of tourists, Cancun is primarily a resort on the Caribbean coast, and it certainly means the best beaches in Mexico and the immaculate beauty of the sea. And after visiting El Rey ruins (Ruinas El Rey), I realized that in addition to the beaches and the sea in Cancun, one can become fascinated by a historical side of Mexico, in particular, a history of the ancient Mayan civilization.

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If you have planned your vacation in Cancun and want to see the Mayan ruins, but do not want to drive far away from the hotel, a visit to the open-air museum right in Cancun can be a good alternative to traveling to historical places.

The El Ray ruins are located almost at the end of the hotel zone (18 km) and near the beautiful Delphines beach. Entrance fee is 48 pesos (4 dollars) and it is open to the public from Monday to Sunday from 8 to 5 p.m.

el rey ruins mexico cancun photo

el rey ruins cancun picture

The original name of this place is not known and the name El Rey (El Rey translates from Spanish as King) stuck behind the ruins of anthropomorphic sculpture found in this area. The sculpture is very similar to a monarch or a king, hence the name. This sculpture is now preserved in the Museum of Archeology of Cancun.

Archaeological excavations in this area showed that the population living here in 200 – 1200 years. BC mainly engaged in fishing and salt mining, which they traded. The city was a very important link in the trading chain, due to its good location between the Caribbean Sea and Nichupte Lagoon. With the arrival of the Spaniards, local residents, seeing the destroyed trade routes, fled into the depths of the peninsula.

el rey ruins cancun mexico

el rey ruins

cancun el rey ruins

In general, not hastily walking the ruins, you can spend an hour and a half having a good time. In the center of El Rey there is one tall building,  from the top of which you can see the beauty of  Cancun area. Benches with a roof are conveniently located between the ruins, so if you feel like taking a break you can sit down, relax and hide from the scorching sun.

el rey ruins cancun

After visiting El Rey ruins I was once again convinced why Cancun is among the best world resorts.

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