TOP 5 of the best beaches in Cancun.

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This article is dedicated to the best beaches in Cancun. I decided to start a new section on my blog about Mexico and exactly about what places to see and to visit. If you ask why, I will answer the following:  the nature, the beaches and the sea here is incredibly beautiful and I would like to share with you all these beautiful places. Since photographers are such people who have their camera wherever they go, it is obvious the fact that we (by “we” I mean photographers) have a lot of wonderful pictures in our collections.
I hope this section of the blog will be helpful if you are planning vacations in this sunny part of the world. I am planning to write here not only about beaches in Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya but also about all the other places I am going to visit in Mexico.
Also I know that many people would like to see places where it is possible to make photo session. This is another reason why I started this part of the blog. Beaches are the most favorite places in Cancun for the photo sessions.

The TOP 5 of the best beaches in Cancun are:

1.Playa Delfines.

The most popular, spacious and with the biggest waves in this area. Located on the 18 km of the Hotel Zone, practically at the end of it. You can easily get there using public transportation. It won’t take long to wait for the bus that will take you to the “Zona Hotelera” (Hotel Zone). Take your time to enjoy the magnificent view that will appear in front of you when you arrive, you will find yourself standing on the main platform, situated close to the bus stop.
This beach is the most popular for the photo sessions since you can find here different locations thereby bringing in more diversity on the photos.
best beaches in cancun

cancun beach photos

cancun beaches photo

playa delfines cancun

2. Playa Marlin.

The second place in the TOP of the best beaches in Cancun goes to Marlin. Located on the 13 km of the Hotel Zone. The same amazing snow-white beach with the same beautiful Caribbean sea. I really like the name of this beach, Marlin, sounds like a word from a fairy tale.
marlin cancun beach playa marlin cancun

3. Playa Chac – Mol.

This beach you can find it right in the center of the Hotel Zone, close to the most famous clubs, bars and shopping malls.
evening cancun beach

cancun beach

playa chac mol cancun

4. Playa Langosta.

This beach in Cancun is located on the opposite side from Play Delfines and this fact makes it look absolutely different. Most of the time there are no waves at all. The color of the sea is a little bit away from being called turquoise. A good choice for family vacations, especially if you have little children.
best beaches in cancun Mexico

best beach cancun

langosta beach in Cancun

5. Playa Tortugas.

Translating from Spanish it is called Turtle beach. The last beach in this TOP (but of course not the last in Cancun) a little bit different from Playa Marlin and Delfines. Looking at this beach and it’s natural decoration you realize that nature is really a talented designer. Here, the sand part is beautifully combined with the rocky portion (very little mountains). You can swim in one part of the beach, admiring the other, and you can take photos everywhere. Located on the 6km of the Hotel Zone.
best cancun beach

playa tortugas cancun

Articles can always give you lots of useful information but only the photographs give you the possibility to admire the views of the best beaches in Cancun. So here are some more pictures.

beaches in cancun

photos of cancun beaches

cancun beach tortugas

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