Beach engagement photoshoot in Cancun.

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This was a good day to do a beach engagement photoshoot in Cancun. Despite the heavy, grey clouds hanging over the beach, morning was a perfect timing to start. In fact, it always is, because the light is especially beautiful and soft on a sunrise. Tram and her fiancé didn’t hesitate, neither did I, so we decided to trust in the grace of nature and go with a flow. Sometimes it happens and you need quickly take advantage of a little moment with sunrise light that you have at your disposal. And when you do it, swiftly and energetically, it seems like all the Universe helps you to do the best. Grey clouds never disappeared, they were rapidly moving around the sky during all this beach engagement photoshoot, but it never rained. Then it won’t be an over exaggeration to say that we were lucky that day. And it’s not always like this, two weeks after this photoshoot I did an anniversary photo session under the rain when the hurricane Eta was already in Cancun.

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Beach engagement photoshoot in Cancun.

So, when you plan a beach engagement photoshoot in Cancun, don’t stick to the weather forecast, because the truth is you never know how will the weather be on a chosen day. I made this conclusion based on my own observation while living in Cancun more than 7 years. I understand that when you travel to Cancun you expect to enjoy warm weather, Caribbean Sea and to take sunny, casual beach engagement photos. But Mother Nature has her own schedule and weather is not the only important aspect of a beach photoshoot, what is also essential is to stay in a good and cheerful mood. When you enjoy this exact moment called life, right here and right now, you actuate some invisible power hidden in you that magically attracts all you need to make the best out of what you have. Even if it’s cloudy and high chances of rain, do it, because the brave and risky one gets the trophy – artistic beach engagement photos.

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