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Are you looking for a Cancun wedding photographer? Then, you are on the right webpage! Let me introduce myself, my name is Elena Fedorova and I am a wedding photographer in Cancun. I have a Master Degree in Art and I have been a photographer for more than 12 years. My extended experience in photography, love for the art and a constant desire to take beautiful photos guide me on my way of creating artistic images that preserve memories of the most important life events forever.
Either you are planning your wedding in an all-inclusive resort in Cancun or at a private villa, I am able to take photos in any location. I enjoy traveling and in combination with my love to take photos, it makes it easy for me to arrive at any destination not only in Mexico, but also in the world.

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There is a tremendous creative process hidden behind the words Cancun wedding photographer. It’s easy to pronounce, but it takes time, effort, dedication and a constant desire to evolve, change and expand your own boundaries as an artist. As in every profession there are some difficulties, but I see them as impulses to keep moving forward and this way I always stay active. I love photography and I also feel art is worth more when it serves some meaningful purposes, and one of those is to capture with my photo camera the light that each of us carries inside. And it shines especially bright when you are happy. And from my experience as a Cancun wedding photographer I can tell that during the wedding the bride and groom feel especially happy! Will you agree if I say that these moments of joy and cheerfulness are priceless and worth being photographed by the real artist? You answered yes, then click the next image to request a quote about my service as a Cancun wedding photographer.

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Every person is unique, and since a destination wedding is about two people getting married, it makes every wedding a 100% exclusive celebration of love and joy. I have seen hundreds of weddings and I can tell that each of these wonderful events has its own spirit and vibes. So, if you are in the process of planning your wedding in Cancun or any other place in the world, don’t stress about having an exclusive decoration etc., because you and your beloved one that’s what will make your wedding special and unforgettable not only for you but also for every guest. Why do I write this? I know this for sure, because being a Cancun wedding photographer for many years proved this to be true.  So, yes you need to plan and to think about many wedding details, but don’t forget to enjoy every step of this process and this will help you to make your wedding party shine with your individuality.

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Wedding photographer in Cancun

We live in a wonderful era, where new discoveries happen so often that sometimes it feels hard to keep track of all of them. We can have everything we want very fast and that means that the variety of choice is enormous, either we are looking for a dress, car, jewelry or wedding photographer in Cancun it can take time to make the right choice. Take a deep breath, make sure you have spare time to look for a professional in the area of photography and be prepared to look through many portfolios. Let me share with you some tips that will help you to facilitate this process and to choose a right wedding photographer in Cancun.

1. Portfolio

This is like an artistic business card that represents every photographer and this is the right place to start viewing the artist’s website. All the photos uploaded in the portfolio can tell you a lot about a photographer’s artistic vision and personality. Make sure you view at least several galleries that show different weddings, because this is how you will understand the photographer’s possibility to show a wedding from various angles. Click the next image to view my portfolio.

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2. Reviews

This is another essential step in evaluating the right wedding photographer in Cancun. Reviews from previous clients are super important and every wedding professional knows about this. As a rule of thumb if a photographer works many years, he/she should have more then one or two single reviews.

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thank you messages from my clients3. Social media

Nowadays it’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t have an account in social media. Every professional whose work is in some way connected to digital images should be present in social media. And this is 100% true with wedding photographers in Cancun or other destinations. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube make it easier for photographers to create and maintain their presence on the Internet. So, while looking for a wedding photographer make sure to check his/her social media accounts, what he/she is posting and how often.

These are my social media accounts:

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4. Website

Although social media is a good digital tool that allows every wedding photographer to display his/her portfolio on the Internet, still it has some limitations, because it’s free and it doesn’t allow detailed customization. Website is a personal page, that requires financial and time investment to construct and maintain it, and it implies that a photographer is more serious about his/her photography business than an average one with a free page in social media. If you are reading this article about Cancun wedding photographer this means that you are on my website and I hope you enjoy reading it and viewing my photos.

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A blog is a good way for the owner of the website to share experience, useful tips and some interesting information. Though it is not considered a “must have” for wedding photographers, it can be a nice addition to a portfolio. And it demonstrates one more time that a photographer takes his/her business seriously. On my blog I have numerous articles that can help you to plan a wedding, a beach photo session or your trip to Cancun. You are welcomed to visit my blog.

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Destination wedding in Cancun

During the last 10 years destination weddings in Cancun have become very popular. And it’s not surprising! There are many reasons for this statement to be true. First of all, white sand beaches and turquoise Caribbean Sea creates a unique and a stunning scenery for a wedding ceremony. Secondly, a destination wedding in Cancun is like a beach escape and in conjunction with a honeymoon vacation it gives a double benefit. You don’t have to travel the next day after the wedding, which means less hustle and more relaxation and fun in an all-inclusive resort or private villa where you celebrated your wedding the day before. So, as you see, having a destination wedding in Cancun can save you time, that you can otherwise spend on traveling around Cancun or simply enjoying a beach. And one more important detail is that this type of wedding celebration can facilitate your wedding planning process especially if you contract a professional wedding planner.

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Top secret about wedding photography in Cancun

Secrets are some sort of information that is not widely known, some facts that are hidden from the general view of the public in order to make something look more appealing. Talking about wedding photography in Cancun I can assure you that there are no secrets, but still there is one not so obvious fact (call it a secret) in regards to destination weddings in all-inclusive resorts in Cancun. And this is a vendor fee, that all-inclusive resorts charge when you want to use a service of an external vendor like Cancun wedding photographer, videographer, DJ, makeup and hair artist etc. This fee is paid separately upon your arrival to a resort or while booking the wedding. In general, this vendor fee is around 200-800 USD and the exact amount depends on the resort. So, it is a good idea, to consult a wedding planner at the resort before moving on with booking, just to make sure you know all their rules and moreover agree with them.

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A great alternative to a wedding in an all-inclusive resort is a private beach wedding in Cancun. This is a super nice option for everyone who is looking for some privacy and wants to avoid big crowds of people, that is part of a vacation in an all-inclusive resort. There is a big variety of villas in Cancun and the surrounding area that could host your private beach wedding. Any travel website like TripAdvisor or Booking have hundreds of villa’s options for rent. Let me show you how a private wedding celebration in Cancun looks like. Follow the next links:

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Who can help you to organize a wedding at private villa? The answer is very simple – wedding planner. Some villas offer this type of service, while others might share with you contacts of professionals in this area. And by having a private beach wedding at villa you will avoid paying all the external fees charged by all-inclusive resorts.

The choice is always after you, and I wish you a carefree wedding planning! Do you want to find out about my wedding photography service?  Contact me, tell me a little about your upcoming wedding and I will get back to you with a quote about my photography packages.contact elena fedorova