Resort wedding vs Villa wedding.

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Resort wedding vs Villa wedding

Are you getting married? Great news! My sincere congratulations. So what is your next step? I assume you will start planning and first of all try to figure out the best possible location for your wedding. Nowadays with the growing up popularity of destination weddings it is not wonder that you might also desire to have one of your own, somewhere in the Caribbean, why not in Mexico?

Riviera Maya and Cancun are one of the top destinations for weddings and romantic getaways.

If you already have a vision of your wedding in all the details, then you just need to start looking in the internet for those who will help you to turn it into a reality, but if you are planning your wedding right from scratch, you might need some tips about it. Let’s start from choosing the type of wedding location.

You can opt between a resort wedding or villa wedding. Since basically these two are the main types of locations most popular in Mexico.

Before making a decision you have to answer yourself the following questions.

Do you want your wedding to happen in a private area?

Do you prefer a dedicated wedding planner service that will help you with every step of organizing your dream wedding? (that will include attention to all your requests, quick responsiveness.)

Do you want an individual unique wedding decoration according to your wishes?

If your answer is “yes” to all of these questions then you should take a close look at Villa Weddings.

What is a private area? In order to see the big difference take a look at the next two photos.


One was made at one of the resorts in Tulum and the second one at a villa in Akumal during the private wedding ceremony. The difference is obvious: in Akumal, it feels like a real private celebration, a very special day with only the parents, relatives and close friends around. While in the resort the wedding ceremony is exposed to all the hundreds of tourists staying there at the same time.

What will be your choice?

The word private means a lot, especially if you are talking about events.

In case of the villa wedding it means:

  • The area will be closed and the access will be only for you and your guests.
  • The villa will be only for you to enjoy all day and more time in the case that you book it for a long period.
  • No one except you and your guests will be allowed to stay at the beach (that means no people passing by on the background, dressed in swimming suits.)
  • You can choose your own photographer, based on your preferences, videographer, make-up artist, DJ, etcetera, no one will charge you any extra expensive fee so they can enter the wedding area (on the contrary all the resorts in Mexico have a strict vendor policy). Do you want someone to restrict your options for choosing the best? Or would you prefer to choose wedding professionals on your own?

In the case of a resort wedding (not private at all):

Your resort wedding will probably be one of the several weddings that will happen at their area on the exact day, 1 of 6 or 1 of 5, simply, it could be one of many… do you think it is possible to maintain the individual look and style for each of the weddings happening on the same day? Do you think the wedding planners at the resorts with so many weddings happening every day are able to deliver a dedicated individual service?  the answer is obvious, “No”…  resort weddings have many restrictions and many fees. Fees for bringing exterior cakes, chefs, food, photographers, artists, these fees can add hundreds and hundreds up to thousands of extra dollars to your wedding and limit your ability to choose the right people or items that you need to have a successful wedding.

So a resort wedding means:

  • The area will be open to the public.
  • The other tourists are able to look and intrude in your private party.
  • Anyone will have access to any area close to your wedding.
  • You can not choose your own exterior DJ, food, chef, cake, photographer, artists unless you pay high extra fees. In other words you will not have the freedom to choose unless you pay the excessive amounts they charge for that freedom.
  • And last… you will be limited to the options the resort offer of photographers and videographers, limited options when it comes to food menus, artists or music or decoration, at the end it is your decision, very simple, having freedom to choose or not…

Conclusion, if you prefer the service based on quality over quantity, then the villa wedding is your right choice.

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