This romantic Akumal wedding at Villa Valhalla signified a lot not only to the wonderful couple Alex and Heidi but also to their parents.

He first visited Akumal a couple of years ago, felt in love with this place and made a decision to have a destination wedding here. And so it happened! Their wedding planner helped them to choose Villa Valhalla for the wedding celebration. A cozy, colonial style villa situated in the Akumal bay with a magnificent view of the Caribbean Sea. It is a perfect location for everyone who is planning to have a small wedding in a private area.

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The getting ready was a fun moment both for Alex and Heidi. And it’s no wonder as they both were surrounded by their parents and closest friends that made all that day so much special.

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I guess for every father being present on his daughter’s wedding is a heartwarming and affective moment, when feelings of joy come together with excitement, it puts your heart at easy to see that your little daughter is happy and her husband will take good care of her.

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On the day of their Akumal wedding the sun hided beyond the dense clouds and that created pleasurable and convenient conditions for the wedding ceremony: light breeze and perfect soft lightening.

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We were extremely lucky when we went upstairs on the roof top of the villa Valhalla and saw that despite the cloudy weather, we still could admire the sunset. We took advantage of it and made some amazing sunset photographs. Wedding and sunset – the joined sound of these words can make you feel excited. Not to say that the moment you see the actual photos you will say “WOW!” hundreds of times.

And for me as a photographer it was a great honor to be present at their Akumal wedding and to witness with my photo camera the joy, excitement, tears, laughs and smiles that filled in the wedding atmosphere with the special sounds of love.

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