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Travelling…I didn’t know what it means in reality until 2013 appeared on the calendar. That was it! Until that year it felt like I was peaking into the world through the photos of travel bloggers and friends.  One day while running another kilometer on the running track at the gym I realized I have to make some big changes in my life and do something I have never done before. Travelling was one of such things! This thought didn’t appear like a blast of light in my head, on the contrary it appeared smoothly like it was meant to happen exactly at that moment due to all the previous life occasions. Shortly after, I made several trips to Finland, since it was the closest interesting place to the city where I lived. Although it was only a two day journey it liberated my vision and showed me that outside the comfort zone life is much more interesting and different.

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I was not looking anymore through the pictures of travel bloggers in fact more often I was scrolling up and down the website pages selling airplane tickets looking for the best offers to far away destinations…like Spain, for example. Living in the cold climate and in the city where most part of the year is rain or snow it is normal to dream about the opposite – sun, sea and blue sky. Spain was perfect to dream about visiting it, especially after I found myself falling in love with Spanish language. And in the summer of 2013 I purchased an airplane ticket to Madrid and for the first time in my life I was admiring the view of the sky and puffy clouds sitting in the cosy armchair of the plane. That was an amazing feeling! Before that moment, every time I thought about flying, I was feeling intimidated and when eventually I was experiencing it, I was super happy. It proved me once again that fears are based only on your imagination, they are like bubbles and can simply disappear by easy movement of your inside power supplemented by actions. On the way back from Madrid I knew that I could and I will travel later even further than Spain. So, where is another country where I can practice Spanish? Oh, well, Mexico. Great! So, let’s try it – those were my words. In October 2013 I went with one way ticket to the sunny Riviera Maya, making several stops in different cities in Spain. I know that my travel experience is tiny comparing to many of other people but for me it was an unforgettable experience and a huge step in developing my personality. After my journey I had a conclusion…

Travelling is exploring the world around you as well as your own inner world, uncovering every new piece that can appear to be a treasure for your soul, mind and you life experience.

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