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As you can guess from the title, this article is about a popular resort Paradisus Cancun in Mexico. Let me start by sharing some official information. Paradisus Cancun is a 5-star all-inclusive resort located in the hotel zone between lagoon Nichupte and the Caribbean Sea. If you Google its exact address, you will find this: Blvd. Kukulcan km 16.5, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Q.R. Are you looking for a Paradisus Cancun phone number? I will save you some time, here it is 800 918 0347, and the reception is available 24 hours. Check-in starts at 3 .00 pm and check-out time is at 12.00 pm.

Paradisus Cancun by Melia Hotel International is a Spanish chain of hotels that includes 354 worldwide, founded in 1956 in Palma de Mallorca. This fact speaks for itself. Staying so many years in the business means they know how to make your stay in one of their hotels an unforgettable experience.

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Paradisus Cancun Mexico by Melia.

Paradisus Cancun resort is well known for its unique design. Glass roofs made in the form of a pyramid allow it to stand out among the other all-inclusive resorts in the hotel zone. When you are driving along the main road in a comfortable car, you will notice Paradisus from far away. Famous glass pyramids remind of Mayan and Egyptian culture will incentivize your vacation vibes and help you tune into a unique cultural relaxation mode.

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Entering the main building you are greeted by a super friendly staff and after checking in a first place you will probably see is a beautiful garden that is located in the middle of the building, just a couple of steps away from the reception.  Paradisus Cancun has 525 rooms that are elegantly styled and each has a gorgeous view no matter if it faces a beach or lagoon side. It’s our common desire to wish for a room on a beach front side, especially if you live in a cold city where it rains a lot, but don’t get discouraged if you get a room facing a lagoon. After all you are planning to spend most part of the day outside the room by the pool or at the beach. And in Paradisus Cancun resort you are guaranteed to enjoy your stay.

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Paradisus Cancun all-inclusive resort. Personal experience.

I am a professional photographer in Cancun and I love to travel around Mexico. At the end of last year, I decided to try a new experience and stayed for four days in Paradisus Cancun all-inclusive resort. I have been in many all-inclusive resorts in Cancun and Riviera Maya for work, which means I did many families, honeymoon, engagement photo sessions there. But never before have I stayed in an all-inclusive resort, so it was an interesting new chapter of my life. For the reason that I have seen many resorts, including Paradisus Cancun all-inclusive, I knew what to expect of my four-day vacation. And for the same reason I can compare this resort to all the others I have visited.

To make my narrative more enjoyable and thus easier to comprehend let me divide it into pros and cons. I will start with pros:

  • The indoor garden located next to the main lobby is startlingly harmoniously integrated into the overall design of the hotel. Once you stand in the middle of the garden and look around you it feels like you are in the modest version of a jungle. I used the word modest to explain the confusion that your subconsciousness might experience while trying to align the astonishment of seeing so many greenery inside a building of the Paradisus Cancun all-inclusive resort in the middle of a modern city. A zest of wilderness is added by a pond with golden fishes and constant sounds of water dripping somewhere far away from you but nevertheless this creates a feeling that some kind of a waterfall is next to you.
  • Friendly staff at the reception, concierge and all the restaurants. And it’s not surprising, especially for those of you who are familiar with Mexican culture. Because it has been known for its friendliness and hospitality for many years.
  • Stunning swimming pools and nice beach. It’s impossible to imagine a five star all-inclusive resort without a swimming pool and there are four in Paradisus Cancun.  All of them with crystal clear water and you can enjoy them any time you want during the day. I tried to do it, but the cold front that was governing the weather those days made the water in the pool a slightly unfriendly territory, so most of my days I stayed next to the pool admiring the view and reading a book.
  • Delicious food. I think it’s hard to find a single person in this world who doesn’t like food, especially on vacations.  I visited every restaurant in Paradisus Cancun all-inclusive resort, so believe me when I say food there is delightfully tasty.

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paradisus cancun poolparadisus cancun melia poolparadisus cancun resortall inclusive paradisus cancuncancun paradisus meliapools melia paradisusparadisus resort photographsThe only con that I can think of is not from an objective reality, but rather from the world of emotions. What do I mean by writing this? All-inclusive means everything that you need for your vacation is included in the price and that a resort offers a big variety of entertainment. So, when I checked-in I felt that somehow my mind and body didn’t want to move anywhere far from the hotel. And all four days I spent at the resort. I can tell it was a passive vacation for me, because I am an active traveler which means normally when I travel somewhere, I spend most part of the day exploring a new place. But this time it was different, maybe partly because I live in Cancun and I know the town very well, so there was nothing new to explore outside the resort. Now I know why many of my clients choose to stay at all-inclusive resorts, because sometimes it’s simply convenient, especially when you have a big family with two or more kids. At these types of resorts mums can finally relax (at least a little), forget about cooking and instead concentrate more on relaxing and enjoying the sun with vitamin Sea. And Paradisus Cancun all-inclusive resort is a perfect place to do this.

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Paradisus Cancun photographer.

As I mentioned previously in the article, I am a professional photographer in Cancun and I have more than 12 years of experience in doing family, engagement, honeymoon, anniversary and wedding photosessions. Paradisus Cancun has a beautiful beach and this is an excellent location for a photo session. Do you agree? So, why not take memorable photos at the beach?! Contact me and I will help you in organizing a beach photoshoot in Paradisus Cancun.

Paradisus Cancun activities.

Restaurants. Food is important, that’s why visiting restaurants is the number one activity in Paradisus resort in Cancun.

Malva Food Bazzar. This is a common place for a breakfast buffet, where you can choose what you want on your own. No rush, but remember that breakfast is served from 7-11 A.M. It’s also opened for lunch and dinner.

paradisus cancun melia photos Mole restaurant – Mexican cuisine. La Palapa near the pool- international gourmet menu. Fuego – Latin cuisine. Bana – Asian menu Enso – Asian, Thai, Indian cuisine. Vento – French and Mediterrenian cuisine. Blue Agave – Mexican taco restaurant overlooking the beach.

Note, that to make a reservation in most of these restaurants you will need to use a special hotel phone application. Make sure to ask about this while you are checking-in, or if you forget to do it, don’t worry, friendly concierge based on the first floor not far from the reception will be able to help you.

paradisus cancun sushi restaurant paradisus cancun mexico melia paradisus hotel cancun mexico paradisus cancun restaurant mexican paradisus cancun restaurant paradisus cancun taco bar

YHI SPA. A superb place where you can immerse your mind and body into the ambience of tranquility and peace. Renovate your energy by taking some spa treatments.

Live music in Avenue Bar. Every evening there is a new live show, salsa band, rock or chill out music performed by local artists.

paradisus cancun night night life paradisus cancun Photo session.

Have you ever done a lifestyle photo session at the beach? If not, maybe it’s the right time to do it. Paradisus Cancun has a nice beach, a perfect place to take fun and joyful photos with your family, beloved one or just fashion style only for you.

paradisus cancun photographer

paradisus cancun photos paradisus cancun beach paradisus cancun resort

Hotel Paradisus Cancun booking.

Have you already decided to stay in Paradisus Cancun? Great, wonderful choice! Now the next step is booking. There are different options available:

  • Make a reservation using Paradisus Cancun official website Sometimes they offer good discount when booking on their webpage.
  • Use one of the popular websites like or
  • Go to and type Paradisus Cancun and see which of a booking websites has the best rate for your chosen dates.

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