Why is Xcacel beach unique?

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Short after I arrived to Mexico, I met my future husband, who was already living in Riviera Maya for some time and knew many places of interest, including the beaches. From the day we met every day off he was showing me the new areas. And one day we stopped on Xcacel beach – located between Akumal and Tulum. The reason I decided to make a separate article about Xcacel is because it’s a very unique beach with a cenote Xcacelito just several meters away from the coast, so by visiting this beach you will be double impressed by Mexican pristine nature.

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The Xcacel beach is as well famous for being a favorite place for the turtles. During spring and summer they make nests on the beach, so don’t be surprised if you see spots surrounded by hand-made fences with little boards in the middle saying words that you will not be able to understand. That will be turtle nests that are strictly protected by local organizations and law.

Several steps away from the main Xcacel beach you will find a pathway that will lead you to a beautiful cenote, Xcacelito, although it is a small one, still you will have a great time swimming in the refreshing water.

xcacelito cenote

Be prepared to experience an unforgettable fish spa massage. What is this? The moment you will enter the cenote and stand on the stones you will see and feel how dozens of little fishe will lightly bite your feet, don’t worry! It is not at all painful and on to the contrary it is very relaxing and a unique experience.

xcacelito cenote fishes

One rule that is applied to swimming in all the cenotes in Yucatan is: “Don’t apply sun protector before swimming in cenotes”. Let’s take care of our planet together and preserve its beauty by following such simple rules! Don’t use any kind of sun tan lotion or skin protector that will affect the water natural composition. The fauna and flora are very delicate.

TIP: Xcacel beach is a protected area, so there are no shops and bars. If you are planning a long stay there it’s better to buy water and some snack beforehand. In the main entrance they charge 20 pesos. It’s important to bring an umbrella to protect you from the sun, there are not palm trees to cover you on the beach.

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xcacel beach

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  1. Marc
    February 22, 2017

    Do you know what species those little biting fish are? Our tour guide joked they were piranhas, but I’m curious what they actually are. I read the fish that are used in spas come from the Middle East so they’re not the same… Cheers!

    • Elena
      March 18, 2017

      I am not sure about the exact name of the fishes, since there are different kind of them in every cenote. Every time I see fishes in the “fish spa” they remind me of the cenotes inhabitants. I guess we will never be able to know the truth about the origin of the fishes in the spa 🙂 If you experienced the fish spa and cenote fish spa you know that the effect is pretty much the same!


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