TOP things to do in Cozumel in 1 day.

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In the first article about Cozumel I shared with you some interesting facts about this island. If during your visit to Mexico you have a chance to travel to Cozumel Island at least for one day you should definitely go for it. And based on my own experience I made a list for you

TOP things to do in Cozumel in one day:

1 option.

  • Have a walk around the embankment and main square where you will see many unique monuments.
  • Visit Punta Sur the eco park with an amazing view on the Caribbean sea.
  • Enjoy the moments in Discover Mexico Cozumel park.

2 option.

  • Check the embankment and the central square.
  • Visit San Gervasio ruins
  • Spend several hours in Chankanaab park where you can swim with dolphins, manatees, and take snorkeling and diving tours.

3 option.

  • Walk around the downtown area.
  • Admire the wonderful underwater world of Cozumel staying inside the Atlantis Submarine.
  • Visit the famous beach clubs Playa Paraiso or Playa Mia.

top things to do in cozumel

beach club in cozumel

what to do in cozumelCozumel is the biggest island in Mexico and unlike Isla Mujeres one day will not be enough to visit all places of interest that is why I made three optional “Top things to do in Cozumel in 1 day”  packages.

In order to take full advantage of one day trip it is better to arrive to Cozumel in the morning.

Admiring the main beauty of the downtown area can take you 1-1.5 hour. The beach clubs and Punta Sur are located 20-25 minutes away from the downtown. To visit them you will need a car and in this case the car rental will be more comfortable.

The next article will be dedicated to the Hidden treasures of Cozumel.

things to do in cozumel mexico

top things to do in cozumel

things to see in cozumel mexico

things to do in cozumel

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