Why you need a family photographer?

Having an extended experience as a family photographer I know how truly important are family photos and how much efforts it takes sometimes (from a side of mom or dad) to arrange and organize every member of a family to take part in a photo session. I know it, because my clients shared their stories with me. If you find yourself in the same position right now, I just want to let you know that you are not alone, and many families passed through the “planning a photo shoot” stage. It takes patience, time but it worth it. A result, family photos will be cherished by every member of your family.

I enjoy being a family photographer. Capturing the true beauty and essence of a family bond in a relaxing tropical atmosphere, is always interesting. Every family is unique and I am sure that essential part of being a photographer is showing its individuality.

Depending on the resort where you are planning to stay, I will suggest you several locations for a photo shoot, and you can choose which one looks more appealing to you. All the other details about family photography sessions you will receive upon your first request. Feel free to message me anytime!

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Family vacation in Cancun
Cancun family photographer
Family beach photography in Cancun
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The photos look absolutely incredible! I can not slop smiling, you can’t even imagine how happy they made me feel. Thank you again for making me feel so comfortable and making the whole experience my enjoyable I truly felt like a professional model for a day!



Elena, thank you very muсh for the photosession!

Xoxo, Stefania

Despite our cranky kids, you got some really good shots! I especially love the candid photos. The colors look beautiful, too, your editing is amazing! Thank you again for capturing our family in Mexico! We will be sure to contact you again for another photo shoot when we are back!



Wonderful photographs!

Xoxo, Stefania

It would be impossible for me to put into words how much I LOVED our experience and pictures with Elena. 🙂 So fun, so comfortable, so glad we booked with her!
I wouldn’t change a thing about the whole experience.
We got our pictures from her today and I can’t stop looking at them! We look fabulous. Ha!