Ten years of a wedding anniversary is an event worth celebrating! During all these years, every couple has definitely accumulated a wide variety of memories. Day after day together, celebrating a success of a partner; supporting and helping each other when life shows its cloudy side. This is one of the secrets of a long and prosperous life together – no matter what happen stay close with your beloved one.

Behind the curtain of a 10 year wedding anniversary, each couple has its own history. Perhaps for a stranger, it might look ideal, similar to a beautiful couple dance, in which there is maximum unity, despite the fact that everyone performs their own individual part. But only two people, a husband and a wife, know how much labor is behind a harmonious family life. It is always easy to run away, put an end to a relationship, it is much more difficult to stay together and maintain friendly and mutually respectful relationship, while preserving your own individuality. And for those one who can do it and maintain the balance in the relationship, there are more than a dozen of anniversaries waiting ahead.

Below is a photo story of a beautiful couple Rebekah and John, who celebrated their 10 year anniversary by having a voyage on a Carnival Triumph cruise, and a photo session during a one-day stop in Cozumel.

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