What is like to be a wedding photographer in Cancun?

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One day my friend asked me if there is something special about being a wedding photographer in Cancun. It sounded like a very simple and at the same time very interesting question to answer. The quick and short reply is: “Yes and No”! Why no, because for the wedding photographer the place is not that important, what matters the most is the couple that is getting married and the pictures you are going to make for them, the best ones. Is there something special about being a photographer exactly here, in Cancun? Maybe not but there are some distinctive characteristics, here are some of them:

1 Cancun is a wonderful resort city located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea and it’s obvious that resort city means amazing beaches and popular destination weddings as well as photo sessions. The photo sessions are held mostly on the beaches. Every wedding photographer in Cancun knows that all these features lead to beautiful photos and a lot of sand, sometimes your clothes and all your equipment is covered with sand, but in reality that is not a big problem as long as the pictures are amazing.

2 The heat problem, as a photographer you should realize that when working in Cancun you will spend a long time (several hours a day and many days a year) under the sun. It means it is going to be really hot but on the other hand the sun charges you with lots of positive energy and helps you to create amazing pictures.

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3 In order to feel more comfortable you should be in love with the sea, the sun and the beaches, because you will spend a lot of your time surrounded by these areas.

4. All photographers know that the sunset is the perfect time for a romantic photo session. Definitely every photographer has in his/her portfolio such pictures. Unfortunately in Cancun the real sunset is only possible to see on the side of the Laguna Nichupte which is on the opposite side to the beach, so, on the side of the sea we can only admire the sunset glow and tints which cover the sky during the sunset time. If the couple wants to make pictures with the sunset it is better to discuss the details and to plan everything in advance.

5. The last fact that I would like to mention is what sometimes happen to the wedding photographer in Cancun, you feel like an eternal tourist. Every time you are making a photo session on the territory of the hotel observing the relaxed life of the tourist, you will catch yourself thinking that you are also some kind of tourist in the area even though you live here for an extended period of time.sunset photo session riviera maya

In general the life of the photographer in Cancun doesn’t differ too much from the life of his/her colleagues in other parts of the world. In this article I just pointed out the main obvious facts.

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