What is the worst danger during the wedding ceremony?

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You are soon to name your beloved person – your husband. And I congratulate you on the upcoming wedding. It will take you countless hours to plan everything in details: choose a wedding dress and hair do, decide on the wedding decoration and first dance song, find your wedding photographer and videographer. You want everything to be perfect, you want your dream wedding come true! And you have all the right to see it happening.

While planning the ceremony you are in control of all the process, but what happens when you are walking down the aisle to join your future husband for a wedding ceremony. Will you be in control of that process? For sure if everything was planned in details before and if the wedding planner is controlling the flow of all the wedding day, then in general everything will run smoothly. Except, one little detail. The desire of your guests to take photos of the wedding ceremony using their cell phones, tablets or compact cameras.

Being addicted to our phones, I think everyone is familiar with the uncontrollable desire to take photos and videos of a precise moment, especially if something extraordinary or extremely beautiful is happening around. And weddings fall into the second category – extremely beautiful events.

On the day of the wedding you, as a bride and groom, will be engaged in the process by being the main heroes and as a result you will have a very busy schedule. It means you will not have time to use your cell phones for any reason. But what about your guests, By being the viewers – witnesses of the wedding ceremony they will have a lot of time to use their phones, taking photos or videos, which later they will share obviously in their social media accounts. For them it will be interesting and exciting to share with their friends and followers some beautiful and distinct photos.

Ask yourself how often do you look through the photos stored in your gallery folder on the mobile phone. Obviously not often, once taken they might be looked through a couple of times and after time get lost with more of the new photos coming up. Now based on that, how often do you think the guests will look through the photos made during the wedding ceremony? For most of them your wedding will be just one of the many beautiful events they visited. For you the wedding is once in a lifetime event – remarkable and unforgettable! For them, the photos they will make with the mobile phones/tablets/compact cameras will get lost in a hundreds of already taken photos. For you the photos made during the wedding ceremony will always be special and will take an honorable place in the photo album of memorable life moments. Do you want to have photos like these ones?

unplugged wedding

The guest on the right side was transmitting LIVE in social media, but he didn’t realise that with his hand and phone he covered groom’s leg.

unplugged ceremony mobile no

unplugged wedding ceremony

mobile phones killing wedding ceremonies

“I will quickly take a photo with my phone” during such an important and short moment can result in this…

stop mobile phone usage at weddings

When you walk down the aisle do you want to see your guest’s faces or their cell phones?

wedding photosession mobile phone usage

And you need to look in photographer’s camera, do you think it’s possible with so many cell phones?

I assume you answer will be NO. Then opt for the unplugged wedding! Send emails to your guests, messages, remind several times before the wedding that there is a strict “NO, NO” for the mobile devices during the ceremony. Another good advice I would like to share is to ask your wedding minister to tell the guests, at the beginning of the ceremony, to put away all the mobile devices, And better to repeat it several times and give a minute for everyone to positively react to this announcement. The wedding minister might also say that you have hired professional wedding photographer and videographer to capture all the wedding ceremony. And later you will share with all the guests’ professional photos and videos. They were invited to be part of your wedding to enjoy your special moment, to share the sincere joy and happiness with you!  And by no means requires the usage of the mobile devices that in fact are only distracting everyone from truly admiring the ceremony.

On the personal note. I think not using the mobile devices and thereby letting the professional photographer and videographer do their job is some way of showing respect to the newlyweds. Wedding ceremonies and receptions is an expensive event and you need to make sure you will have great memories of this day. So by not interfering with the photographer’s job and allowing him/her take the best photos for you they show that they care about your memories as much as you do! Because after all, the photos that will be printed and be part of the photo books are the ones made by a professional photographer and not by the mobile phone or tablet of the guests.

Do you want to receive the best professional wedding photos after your wedding? Do you want the photos that will show all the beauty of the wedding ceremony ( your outfits, decoration)? Do you want to see all the variety of the emotions you experienced during the ceremony without the mobile phone covering the your face/arms/ or legs? YES?! Then ask your guests not to use their mobile devices. That means unplugged wedding is your choice!

So the answer for the question what is the worst danger of the wedding ceremonies nowadays? The mobile devices!

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