Symbolic ceremony on one of the beautiful beaches in Riviera Maya!

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There are beautiful days, there are happy days, sometimes there are amazing, unforgettable days and there are days that you can describe with all the above written words. Very often such day is simple called – a Fairy tale! In July I was a wedding photographer on the wedding ceremony of a very beautiful and romantic couple Olga and Pavel. A Riviera Maya wedding symbolic ceremony was organized by the wedding agency “Tesoro” and they did a really great job. The wedding pictures that I made are very bright, shiny, fantastically cheerful and diverse. The beach where the wedding took place is one of the best beaches in the Riviera Maya that is one of the main reasons why everything looked harmonious and even magical. After the wedding ceremony on the beach was finished we took a walk along the seacoast. During our walk the landscapes of white sand lightly changed to tropical forest and a narrow path leaded us to the rocky part of the seacoast also as picturesque as the territory of the beach. At the end of the day when everyone was talking about impressions from this day our beautiful bride Olga said that everything had been organized even better than they expected. That is the most important word for a wedding organizer and for me as a wedding photographer.

Here you can see some pictures from this symbolic wedding ceremony and you can check this link to see more photos.

riviera maya wedding

riviera maya wedding ceremony

photographer in riviera maya wedding


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