Tips for couple photography. Personal 3 L-L-L tips to make your photo session better.

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 1. Light

This word is the most important in the understanding of photography ( it’s origin comes from two Greek words “photo” – light “graph” – drawing) And making photos is like drawing with light. That is why the guarantee of all the successful photo sessions is the correct and proper light. So after you have made the decision that you wish to have a professional photoshoot, and you have found a photographer the next step will be to decide when during the day you are going to have it.
Photosessions in the morning hours are characterized with more cold light and with more saturated colors (and it applies greatly to the color of the Caribbean sea) while photos made during the evening time differ by more warm light with the slightest golden tint. To make it more clear I suggest to compare two photographs, where the first one was made during the morning photo session (approximately from 10-11 a.m.) and the second one in the evening (from 5-6 p.m.). For this reason making a photosession during the evening will be more appropriate if you wish to create a more romantic atmosphere.
It should be separately a short period of time in the evening – sunset. Depending on the period (month) of the year the exact time of the sunset changes a little but the incredible colors and mysterious light left on the photos made during this period are always constant.

riviera maya photo session

beach photo session


The purpose of every wedding or engagement photo session is to capture your happy moments, your feelings and love. You are the main heroes as well as the main narrators of your story and the photographer by capturing all these moments will describe your love story. Therefore during the photo session show your sincere feelings revealing the real beauty of your relation and love. Your feelings that are conveyed through your eyes, smiles, touching, hugs, will be the most valuable decoration of the photographs. That is why you are requesting a professional photographer’s work. She (or he) will preserve your moments of love for the memory album.


3. Laugh

When you are having fun and feeling joyful, the laugh is always a consequence of this condition and laugh gives more positive feelings to the photographs. I think that you will agree that looking through such photos in the future will be more pleasant. After all, smiles and laughs make our lives extremely colorful!


So to sum up 3 L-L-L rules:

  • -Light
  • -Love
  • -Laugh

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