Paamul beach Riviera Maya. The real truth.

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Relaxing under the sun means that there is a sea nearby and of course a wonderful beach.

I offer you another review of the calm, distant from the hustle and bustle of Riviera Maya – Paamul beach, located just twenty minutes away from Playa del Carmen. At this beach you can safely and happily spend a whole day.

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The sea view from the Paamul beach is extraordinarily beautiful and peculiar; under the rays of the sun it plays with different shades of blue, which gives it even more charm. And despite the presence of sun loungers and umbrellas, proving the influence of a civilization, at Paamul beach there still remained something exotic and primeval.

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Therefore, relaxing at the Paamul beach, you can not only swim in the turquoise water and enjoy lying on the white sand under the sun, but also walk along the coast line admiring amazing sea views. It’s great! These are pristine landscapes which can be seen while walking along the beach, photos are attached.

paamul beach photos

paamul beach pictures

have fun beach riviera mayaIn Paamul the sea is calm, the surf is very soft, the waves are extremely rare, and all these is due to the presence of a coastal reef that not only protects the beach, but also attracts snorkel and diving enthusiasts.

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paamul beach images

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On the left side of the main entrance to the beach there is an open-air restaurant where you can taste wonderful seafood cuisine. And for those who feel a little lazy to swim in the sea there is a pool. A restaurant and a swimming pool are without a doubt blessings of a modern civilization, but thanks to the efforts of designers and architects these blessings harmoniously fit into the natural landscape.

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At the coast of Paamul beach you can rent a house, a room in mini hotels, if you wish, you can buy a house and become a happy owner of a property in one of the most beautiful resorts in the Caribbean. The options offered are very diverse: from the original decorated trailers in the form of a house to the classic two or one story houses. Photos below will show you how they look like.

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Although the Paamul beach in Riviera Maya is not the first one in my list of the “Best beaches in Mexico”, but this beautiful place, a gift of Mother Nature, is wonderful for joy and relaxation. Therefore, planning your vacation in the Riviera Maya, visit it. You will not be disappointed, I assure you!

Paamul beach is located 20 min away from Playa del Carmen. It is easy to get there by car or by public transport – collectivo. One way ticket will cost you 30 pesos/2usd.

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