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Hello, Hola! Are you looking for an Isla Mujeres photographer? Then you are on the right webpage. My name is Elena, and I do family, engagement, honeymoon, anniversary photo sessions in Isla Mujeres, and underwater and proposals photo shoots. I am a professional photographer with a Master’s degree in Art, and I have done photography for more than 12 years.

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Isla Mujeres is a beautiful island and one of my favorite places to take photos. Do you wonder why? First of all, it feels like home, because it’s a little island and all the streets are narrow, and the buildings are not tall. So, whenever you are walking downtown, it almost feels like you are in a modern village somewhere on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Secondly, you don’t even need a car, because of its size and the fact that the main beach – Playa Norte, is located downtown, you can walk around or use a bike. No rush, no timelines, just a relaxing and friendly ambiance. And as an experienced Isla Mujeres photographer, I can tell you that there are many superb and colorful spots to take photos downtown. And to illustrate my words, let me show you some of these great locations.
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Isla Mujeres photographer.

When I moved to Cancun, Isla Mujeres was one of the first places I visited. It’s conveniently located 30 min away from Cancun by ferry, making it very attractive for a one-day trip. Since that day, I have been on Isla Mujeres hundreds of times. I always feel excited and blessed every time I visit this fantastic island and do a photo session there. I never imagined that I would become an Isla Mujeres photographer in my life, but sometimes life surprises you.

Upon planning my trip to Mexico in 2013, I saw many photos of Isla Mujeres on the Internet. Still, in reality, it’s even better. So, it was the case when the reality was far more impressive than expectations.

When I work as an Isla Mujeres photographer, I usually do photo sessions on the Playa Norte beach or Punta Sur, which is located on the opposite side of the island. If you ask me which of these places I like more, I will answer Punta Sur, because it’s:

– gorgeous

– isolated

– there are rocks and a small spot with the sand that reminds me of a beach

– you can see there both a sunset and a sunrise

– it looks picturesque

– the view from the top is breathtaking

– waves are crashing against the rocks, and it helps to take stunning photos.

And here are some examples showing all the beauty of the Punta Sur area.

punta sur photo isla mujeres

punta sur in isla mujeres

photo session in isla mujeres

mexico isla mujeres photographer

punta sur isla mujeres pics

Although beaches are the main attraction in Isla Mujeres and Mexico in general, visiting Punta Sur is a beautiful option to diversify your vacations. If you go there on your own, be ready to spend around 2-3 hours walking around, admiring all the natural masterpieces everywhere you go there.

punta sur isla mujeres drone

isla mujeres drone

It might sound that being an Isla Mujeres photographer is interesting, and in reality, it’s more than that. It’s also emotionally nourishing. For example, watching a sunset in Isla Mujeres is always fascinating because it’s never the same. The colors of the sky might be different and their patterns. And various colors produce distinct emotions, so every time you see a sunset, your mind is filled with new emotions. That is what it means to be nourished by nature.

Tips for a beach photo session in Isla Mujeres.

One of the main images that you can see on every travel webpage associated with Isla Mujeres is this one – Playa Norte.

playa norte beach

It is a “Must See” place, and I am sure that everyone who visits Isla Mujeres comes to see this beach. It’s stunning all year round. If you come to this beach to have quality leisure time, then the time of the day doesn’t matter. But when it comes to taking photos, time is crucial.

1. Choose the right timeline for your beach photo session in Isla Mujeres. I usually do photo shoots either in the morning or late afternoon because the light is perfect during these day hours. It’s soft and doesn’t cause any harsh shades on faces or/and bodies. Before scheduling a beach photo shoot in Isla Mujeres, consider the following. Playa Norte is the main beach and is very popular, and it gets super crowded during the day. However, in the evening, before sunset, there are also many visitors because, as you might assume, it’s the right time to enjoy the sunset, which is especially beautiful in Isla Mujeres.

I do the big family reunion photo sessions in the morning (6-9 am) because of the excellent light. And that’s the only time of the day when there are no people on the beach, which means no one will be passing by in the background.

stunning sunset photo isla mujeres

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sunset time isla mujeres

2. Perfect outfit. No matter what you wear, you need to feel comfortable because you will be more relaxed this way. As a result, an Isla Mujeres photographer will be able to capture your sincere, candid emotions.

Caribbean nature is full of vibrant and bright colors, so try to choose light red, green, yellow, orange, blue, or white fabric clothes. And forget about brown, grey or black colors, you will have many opportunities to use them back home. Also, it is mostly sunny in Isla Mujeres. Life is full of positive vibes, so clothes with vibrant colors will be the best outfit for a beach photo session.

3. Prepare to laugh and smile. It’s a common saying that people tend to smile more in countries with lots of sun and warm weather. I agree because I experience this on my own every day, and I have met many people who have proved this to be right. So, a beach photo session in Isla Mujeres is an excellent way to remember these precious moments of laughing and smiling forever. To make your photo session more fun, try to relax a day before and schedule tours or any other activities after or a couple of days in advance.

lifestyle photo session isla muejeres

isla mujeres golf cart rent

4. Choose “your” Isla Mujeres photographer.

I am sure that once you typed in Google search Isla Mujeres photographer, you saw at least ten pages filled with information from different individual photographers and photo companies. So how to choose a good photographer that will be able to capture your uniqueness in a candid photo style?

1. Check out their web page and look at the portfolio. Don’t rush and look through at least some of their photo galleries to understand if you like their photography style. My portfolio you can find by clicking this link.

2. Find a review page and read some of the “Thank you!” notes from previous clients. An experienced photographer should have a lot of good reviews. Mine is located on this page.

3. We live in the century of the internet and social media, so every Isla Mujeres photographer should have accounts on the primary social media. Their accounts could tell a lot about how a photographer takes care of his business. Do they often post or from time to time? Is there a review on their Facebook page? What are they writing about on their pages? Such information can help you choose the right photographer for your beach photo session in Isla Mujeres.

My social accounts are the following:





Surprise marriage proposal in Isla Mujeres.

May I say that Isla Mujeres is the island of love? According to a growing number of wedding ceremonies that take place in Isla Mujeres every year, this can be true. And what comes before a wedding? Marriage proposal and engagement, and from my own experience, I can tell you that each season there are more and more couples that visit Isla Mujeres to celebrate these amazing personal events. I did many engagement and marriage proposal photo sessions on this island, and here are some photo examples.

proposal in isla mujeres

marriage proposal photo shoot isla mujeres

proposal photo session

There are many beautiful locations in Isla Mujeres. During a sunset or sunrise it’s possible to do engagement and marriage proposal photo shoots. Discuss all available options with your Isla Mujeres photographer before scheduling a photo session. And pay attention to their recommendations, because professionals always know better where to do such romantic photo shoots.

Underwater photo shoot in Isla Mujeres.

isla mujeres underwater photography kiss

This photo is just one example of how interesting can be an underwater photo shoot. In general, it takes around 2-3 hours to take good photos underwater because so many details need to be considered. To do an underwater photo session in Isla Mujeres you don’t need to be a professional swimmer or diver. Still, it would help if you felt comfortable staying a long time in the water and holding a breath underwater. Isla Mujeres has some beautiful places for an underwater photo shoot. The water in the sea there is always warm, clean, and transparent, making it a perfect location for this adventurous photo session. The best time for this photo shoot is from 11 am – 4 pm because that’s when the sea has the most vibrant color, which is vital for an underwater photo session.

underwater photo isla mujeres

isla mujeres diving photos

isla mujeres underwater images

Are you interested in scheduling a photo session in Isla Mujeres? Leave a comment or contact me directly by clicking this link to find out the details.

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