A perfect getaway on the Island of Women.

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After a week of staying in Cancun I finally decided to leave it for a couple of days for the sake of exploring a piece of land with an elegant name Island of Women (in Spanish Isla Mujeres). If you have never been to Mexico your first question obviously will be: “Where is Isla Mujeres?” Let’s take a look at the map from Google.

island of women map

As you can see it is very close to Cancun and in fact the journey on the ferry takes around 15-20 minutes. And to tell the truth when I made my first journey to the Island of Women I thought for a moment that it would be great if such a trip could last longer. Why? Here is the answer.

island of woman

island of women view

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Do you understand why I was thinking that way? When you see such magnificent horizons you wish to prolong these moments of admiration.

In one of my previous articles I shared with you some official facts about Island of Women. You can check it here. And now I would like to enhance that information with some emotional feminine reasoning.

island of women photo

Whoever first came with the idea to name this little island The Island of women had made a great compliment to all the women of the world, although I am pretty sure that they (Spanish conquistadores) didn’t think in this romantic way on the moment of discovering the Island but nowadays we have the freedom to interpret it in a different way.

With all the hyper modern technology that we own today, that helped to transform this Island into one of the most popular travel destinations in the Caribbean, you will still be able to enjoy the authentic, pristine ambiance that Isla Mujeres radiates. Decorated by Mother Nature the most creative way, with white sandy beaches on the one side of the island and rocks on the opposite, and customized by generations of Mayan, who constructed temples and unique monuments throughout the Island area. Nowadays we have a chance to appreciate all that and now, I can assume that one day is not enough to enjoy to the fullest all the attractions offered, although many travel guides will tell the opposite.

While living in Mexico I had the privilege to visit the Island of Women many times and I invite you to visualize more prominently your possible vacation here. Check my YouTube channel where I made a special collection of videos dedicated to this charming place. Follow this link.

island of women mexico

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