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You have already made a decision to have your next vacation on the Caribbean side of Mexico and you have your tickets and hotel booked. Now you are busy with planning what places you need to visit there. On this stage I recommend you to pay attention to the little but magnificent island – Isla Mujeres. In this article you will find the answers for the questions like where is Isla Mujeres Mexico? And the other one also very important is what things to do in Isla Mujeres?

Nowadays this island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico and it’s located not far from another famous resort Cancun.

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Isla Mujeres Mexico origin of the name.

According to one of the legends Isla received it’s name in 1517 from Spanish seafarers. After landing on the island they discovered many big statues of women that were left here from the ancient Maya civilization.  During the Maya existence Isla Mujeres  was called Ekab and was considered to be a sanctuary of Ihchel – Goddess of the Moon, moon light and rainbow. In the maya mythology she was the patroness  of weaving, healing, and childbirth. Ihchel was subject of adoration for all the Mayan women.

Combination of tropical nature, ancient archeological heritage with modern architectural buildings of five star hotels gives a special charm to the modern view of the island Mujeres. A great choice of water entertainment, variety of restaurants and bars on the coastline decorated in a colorful mexican style, numerous souvenirs shops – all these is made to make your vacations in Mexico Isla Mujeres even more memorable. And it’s sometimes hard to imagine that all the described above is located on the island that is only 1100 km². It is better to see for yourself!

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Population of the island is only 16.000 people. Weather in Isla Mujeres is like on all the coast of the Riviera Maya and Cancun very pleasant and mild with the average annual temperature +27 C. The water temperature is approximately +24 C. As you have already realized this island has the most necessary things to make your vacations the best ones: sea, sun, cosy and comfortable hotels and that means that you only have to relax and enjoy your holidays in Isla Mexico.

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Things to do in Isla Mujeres.

Upon the arrival on island Mujeres you will find yourself surrounded by many tour representatives who will be suggesting you different kind of entertainment:

–        Diving

–        Snorkeling

–        Swimmimg with dolphins

–        Tours on catamarans and private yachts

–        Tour to underwater museum MUSA

–         Rent of golf cars, which is one of the most convenient ways to travel around the island.

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While travelling around the Mexico Isla Mujeres you can find a lot of attractive and lovely monuments. If you are searching for some adventurous then visiting park Garrafon (El Garrafon Netural Park) can be a really nice option.  There visitors who are in love with snorkeling can enjoy all the beauty of the Caribbean sea and if you prefer more above the water entertainment, kayaking is available. A little bit of extreme you can find while riding zip-line which is stretched 30 meters above the sea.

Isla Mujeres beaches without no doubt are gorgeous and most of the time they have no waves at all. The most popular here is the north beach in Spanish it is called Playa Norte.

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The eastern seaside of Isla Mujeres differs from other parts of the island by a more anxious character of sea. Here stormy sea waves are breaking on the rocks and very often there is a strong sea current.

For those who want to see and meet one of the kindest see animals – visit Dolphin Discovery park in Isla Mujeres Mexico. It is guaranteed that you will receive a lot of positive emotions.

One of the greatest attractions of this island is MUSA – museum of underwater sculpture and art. One of the main reasons to create this museum was the need to protect coral reefs, because of the growing amount of  divers the reefs are been affected and don’t have enough time to recuperate.

Conclusion, even if you are not planning to stay all your vacations on Isla Mujeres you definitely need to spend one day and enjoy the unique beauty of this Caribbean island.

Here below you can see some more pictures of Isla Mujeres!

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Isla Mujeres has a beautiful sunsets which is considered the best time for the photo session. Contact me to find out more information about it.

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