Honeymoon photosession in Playa del Carmen.

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It was a beautiful day when I realized how much I love my work, photography, to be with people on the most happiest moments of their lives, it’s my passion to capture those moments. Two weeks ago I made a wonderful photosession for a beautiful young couple, Alina and Dima. They came to Mexico, to the Riviera Maya for their honeymoon. Together they looked so happy and harmonious, Alina looked elegant, beautiful and sophisticated and Dima looked courageous, handsome and serious, at the same time ready to care for his love. The photoshoot was on one of the beaches in a famous  Playa del Carmen resort. We made some great photographs not far from the beach where you still can find ancient mayan ruins. During our photosession they changed several outfits and we made tender and romantic photographs as well as funny and joyful pictures. Especially they liked the idea to make some photos with “maracas”, Mexican toys which made them remember their childhood.

Tropical forest, ruins, carribean sea and beautiful sincere feelings of two people who are deeply in love, all these elements are the perfect combination for a marvelous memorable photos.

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