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In Tulum Mexico

I guess many people have seen this famous photo of Tulum.

tulum ruins

One of the most popular resort cities in Mexico. This city is famous first of all for having amazing beaches and second for its archeological zone situated on 20 meters rocks right on the sea coast of the Caribbean sea. The neighborhood of the beach and the ruins creates the special atmosphere in this place. The ancient city of Tulum is situated within the park zone which in 1981 was proclaimed a National Park.

Its original name was Zama which is translated as “sunrise”. The current name signifies the wall or fence and there are several reasons for that. In the time of the Maya civilization, Tulum city was surrounded by 7 meters thick walls that protected the city from the enemy attacks. This town played a great role in the life of the Mayan citizens and now is considered to be one of the great monuments of pre Columbium history of Mexico.

tulum pyramids

Tulum has 3 zones:

  •         Resort zone
  •         Historical zone
  •         Modern zone

 In this article I would like to tell more about the resort zone since it seems to be the most amazing and extraordinary part of this town.

tulum beach mexico

beach in tulum

beach tulum

When I visited Tulum Mexico for the first time I felt and behaved like a real tourist, I had a list of places that needed to be seen and was following strictly this plan. Only on my next visit I decided to find some special, private and distant places from the main sightseeing attractions. This place doesn’t have a regular city flavor. It has an atmosphere of warmth, harmony, tranquility and absolute unity and closeness with nature.

street in tulum mexico

The road along the seaside that starts with the line of Eco-hotels (the name is cabanas Tulum) smoothly proceeds into the unique coastal marine space. In this zone the hotels have an absolutely opposite style of construction to the five star resorts in Riviera Maya or Cancun. Mainly they look like one store, guest houses, due to the architectural style they perfectly fit in the natural landscape, by the way some of these hotels in Tulum don’t even use electricity to light up the surroundings at night instead they use candles. Isn’t it a miracle? I was very surprised that a place like this exists in this part of the world and is one of the TOP best resorts in the world.

road in tulum

hotel in tulum

When I was there I felt like I was on the edge of the world. No hurry, you feel only joy, peace and harmony within yourself and with the surroundings.

In this place, in Tulum doesn’t matter what kind of clothes you are wearing, what kind of car you are driving or what kind of phone you are using. This is the place for those who want to enjoy simple things in life like the sunsets or sunrises, together with the beloved ones or in the company of close friends, dream feeling the slow passage of time. Here you want to enjoy harmony every hour, every minute.

tulum mexico beach

cabanas tulum

The evening atmosphere in the part of cabanas Tulum also has something special. The most important is the night sky spangled with the glittering stars and under your feet the same white sand slightly chilled with the evening air and somewhere close you can hear the rustle of the sea surf. Walking along the streets in the evening I stopped by one of the eco-hotels where they kindly allowed you to have a look on the interior territory. Walking around this area I felt like in the reserve of a pristine civilization. All the streets in the evening are covered with light from little, original and distinctive restaurants and in some of them you can hear the proper music: reggae, salsa or cumbia.

things to do in tulum mexico

tulum mexico

tulum at night

I think that anyone after visiting such a place will feel 100% positive, relaxed and inspired.

Tulum has also one of the best beaches to make photo sessions. Contact me if you wish to learn more about it.

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