What do you imagine when you think about the summer? Days fill with bright sunlight, warm and gentle wind, the sea smoothly covering the coastline, palm trees together with sea waves creating mild, natural background sounds. It gives some pleasurable, relaxing, the feeling of infinite delight. Such summer pattern is repeated each year in Akumal Mexico. I guess you will agree that this kind of ambiance is what makes the area so appealing for everyone.

akumal mexico photo

sea breeze in akumal

Kathleen and Brian came to Akumal to celebrate their engagement and to make the first preparations for the next year wedding that will be celebrated in this cosy, little Caribbean town.

We started our photo adventure at the location fill with colorful houses that reminded us of a colonial Mexico. for such cheerful couple, Kathleen and Brian, it is hard to imagine another perfect location that could have conveyed the uniqueness of their personalities.

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engagement photo shoot akumal mexico

engagement photo from akumal mexico

engagement photo session

engagement photo session akumal

engagement photo session mexico

While they were chatting and laughing during our photo session, one cute pup decided to stop by and say hi. They were pleasantly surprised and told me that they have the same kind of dog at home.

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I loved to see them feeling so happy, joyful and carefree enjoying every moment spent together and this special Akumal atmosphere. Even their steps slowly turned into a romantic dance.

beach engagement photo shoot

beach engagement photo shoot akumal

romantic engagement photo shoot

engagement photo shoot akumal