There are no good beaches in Mexico!

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There are no good beaches in Mexico! Are you surprised by this statement? Don’t be! The truth is there are only the best ones. I made this conclusion after 3 years of living here, exploring and making photo sessions on different beaches. Whenever someone asks me what is the best beach in Mexico, more precisely in Riviera Maya and Cancun, my answer never comes short, because this list is long. You might tell that all the beaches in Mexico (Caribbean area) are the same with snow-white sand and crystal turquoise sea water. And you will be right I can only add that every beach still has some difference and not only in the surrounding ambiance but also in the way the sea itself is decorated by corals, low and high levels of sand when you enter the sea and waves presence, moreover, the sea tint differs a lot in some of the beaches.

There is only one thing that makes me a little sad about the beaches in Mexico (Riviera Maya, Cancun), the fact that we don’t have the possibility to enjoy the tremendous beauty of the direct sunset on this side of the sea. Only in Island of Women and Cozumel you are able to do it.

So here is my personal list of the best beaches in the Mexican Caribbean.

1. Playa Maroma

mexico beach playa maroma

2. Playa Paamul

beaches in mexico

3. Tulum beach

tulum beach in mexico

4. Sian Kaan

beaches in mexico sian kaan

5. Playa Norte Isla Mujeres

beaches in mexico playa norte

6. Xcarcel

beaches in mexico xcarcel

7. Delfines Cancun

delfines beach in mexico

8. Xpu-ha

beaches in mexico xpuha

9. Akumal

beaches in mexico akumal

If you prefer a more active way of spending a beach day then I would highly recommend you to visit Paamul or Akumal. The snorkeling opportunities there are unique.  Akumal is a very popular place because it gives everyone a chance to swim with turtles and it’s not even necessary to go to the open sea on the boat or order a special tour. The turtles are swimming close to the beach line. And Paamul has a big area covered with corals, populated by dozens of fish and also close to the coast line.

Choose which one you would like to visit and I wish you to have a great fun there!


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