Mexican wedding traditions.

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Mexico is a great country with exceptional traditions where Spanish traditions and Ethnical Indian ceremonies are closely connected. Many tourists who have once visited Mexico stay forever fascinated not only with it’s warm sea and white sand beaches but also with it’s wedding ceremonies.

Mexican wedding traditions are bright, colorful and passionate (warm) as the inhabitants of this country. Guests who are invited for the wedding ceremony are dressed in colorful clothes of different colors. But the most important dress on the wedding ceremony in Mexico is the dress of the bride. All the attention of the guests in the wedding ceremony in Mexico is on the bright and effulgent dress of the bride.

Incendiary lively music, beautiful dancing, emotional songs, that is the main characteristic signs of wedding ceremonies in Mexico.

Despite all the brightness and beauty of the wedding ceremony, the first dance of the just married couple is very touching. Guests of the wedding make some kind of symbolic heart and the new wife and husband dance in the middle of it in their first official wedding dance.

Colors on the wedding ceremony Mexico are usually very bright and as a rule the bride chooses the color that will be dominant on the wedding. The main color is present in all the wedding ceremony: in the decoration of the car, in the decoration of all the party. Even the color of the flower petals which decorates the road where the bride and the groom will pass has the same color.

Very often on Mexican wedding ceremonies one can see the “pinata”, a decorative hollow toy made from papier mache or from light wrapping paper. The Pinata has the form of the heart, the wedding cake or in the form of a very bright geometric figure.

mexican wedding traditions

A very important place on every Mexican wedding is the ceremony of throwing on the wedding lasso on the head or on the wrist of the bride and groom in the form of “8”. Wedding lasso looks like a large group of beads, ribbon or decorated rope and symbolizes eternity and that the just married are ready to go together hand in hand through all their life.

One more beautiful and old tradition on the wedding ceremony in Mexico is the gift that a groom presents to his bride. The gift represents itself 13 gold illuminated coins. This spiritual tradition appeared hundreds years ago in Spain and the number 13 introduces Jesus and 12 disciples. This present shows that a groom is a reliable and faithful person and is ready to take care of his future wife. Taking this present, the bride shows that her trust to her groom has no limit.

The symbolic wedding in Mexico is a fairy tale that you will always remember. We are ready to help you save these precious moments of your wedding on photographs. No matter what scenario you will choose for your wedding ceremony in Mexico (maybe it will be a romantic wedding ceremony on the coast of the Caribbean Sea or a very exotic ceremony in the tropical forest or wedding walk in the lively streets of Mexico) be sure that all your bright emotions will be  pictured on photos.

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