Have you ever wondered where is Riviera Maya?

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Where is Riviera Maya? It should have been the first question to ask Google on the stage of planning my trip to Mexico, but in fact it wasn’t. I guess I was either too naive or too confident to think that it would be not that complicated to find out when I arrived to the Cancun airport.

My first steps in the new environment were done exactly in Cancun, the city that never sleeps. I was planning to stay for a week there, but a week slowly transferred into a month. Why did it happen? I answered myself that question many times, the conclusion, because of the abrupt climate change my body experienced, moving from the severe cold of Saint-Petersburg to extremely hot weather conditions in Mexico, and this also made me feel lost for some time. I am joking! 🙂 In fact, I found a convenient house that was for rent, I took it for a month and decided to stay in Cancun and of course it was enough to figure out where is Riviera Maya, that glorious piece of the planet Earth that I have heard so much about. Now I can share with you this knowledge. Take a look at the following map.

where is riviera maya

Impressing isn’t it? To tell the truth when I first heard about Riviera Maya I imagined a tiny Caribbean village converted into popular resort. I was surprised to find out that it is actually a 130 km long coastal line located in the eastern side of Mexico in the Quintana Roo state, to describe it in a more artistic, poetical way it will sound like this: a tropical paradise with vast snow white beaches washed by the by the crystal clear turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea. Until 1999 Riviera Maya was known as “Cancun-Tulum corridor”. Although nowadays it is a highly popular travel destination (according to the statistics by the end of 2014 more than 18 million people travel to this area per year ), you can still visit and enjoy pristine beaches decorated only by tall palm trees and exotic greenery. Yes! They still exist here! I will tell you later about some of them.

Playa del Carmen, Akumal, Tulum are the major towns located in the Riviera Maya. Every one of them is different and unique altogether form a pearl of the Mexican Caribe.

So the question where is Riviera Maya is answered. I can only suggest you to take a look at these great images of the divine Riviera Maya beauty.

where is riviera maya mexico

riviera maya is in mexico

view on riviera maya

riviera maya mexico picture

trip to riviera maya

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riviera maya on map

where is riviera maya beach

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