Caleta Tankah.

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Sometimes in our days off with my husband we like to take a ride along the seacoast of the Riviera Maya and just go without exact purpose, we ride on the highway and stop randomly in places that have access to the coast, that’s how we found this place that we have never been before. This place with a sign that reads * Caleta Tankah * is pretty amazing. Even most strange was the fact that we never heard about this place before, nor have we been there. And even though the entrance to the area looked a bit abandoned we couldn’t resist the temptation to check it out. And so we entered.

caleta tankah

tankah beach


The marvelous view of the pristine beach clearly proved that it is far away from being called a public beach. It looked so perfect to me and even the wind was blowing apart the palm trees it wasn’t being able to ruin the picture of the absolute, miraculous stillness of nature that suddenly became my present moment’s ambiance. After passing the area located near the main entrance we decided to walk along the beach line. While slowly walking and enjoying every single step, I caught a glimpse of some distance memories that echoed in my head. It was the memories of some photos I saw a couple of months ago at a small local exhibition on the pier in Playa del Carmen. Those photos showed the real Playa del Carmen back in 1970-80. It was so wild, with a minimum number of stone buildings and maximum numbers of palm trees and other tropical greenery. That is what I saw right now in front of me! Here, take a look

caleta tankah photo beach

tankah bay mexico

caleta tankah in tulum mexico

tankah bay tulum

caleta tankah in tulum mexico

tankah caleta tulum

tankah cenote

cenote caleta tankah

tankah cenote photo

Now, you might ask: Does Caleta Tankah has an owner? Can we enter? And the answer is yes to both of the questions. As every gorgeous place in Riviera Maya, this place also has an owner and by paying a little entrance fee you will also be able to admire this beauty. Some buildings (one of them is a type of hotel-condominium) that are located there are blended so naturally into the surroundings that it looks like they don’t cause any inconvenience to the nature.

Apart from the beach area you can also enjoy the refreshing water of a cenote that is located just several minutes away from the beach. Beach+cenote! How does it sound to you? Great combination for a day off or beach vacations, isn’t it? At the area of the Caleta Tankah there is also a restaurant with a good Mexican cuisine.

So stay inspired by watching the video about the Caleta and maybe it will be your next travel destination.


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