Beach surprise proposal in Akumal.

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Every love story has a beginning, a first hug, kiss and … a surprise proposal in Akumal. Certainly, there are many wonderful days, hours, minutes spent together before you pop a question: “Will you marry me?” That special moment when you feel like all the flow of events that happened before like pieces of a mosaic fall into place and you are where you were meant to be. Though it might be windy at the beach in Akumal, but you are determined to say these words, and you know the answer. In fact, from the very first moment you saw her, you knew this would happen sooner or later. And you did everything right to plan and organize a beach surprise proposal in Akumal. Now enjoy the excitement of this moment and never forget those feelings that brought you here. It was love, it is love, and let it always be like a shining star guiding both of you in the right direction.

Don’t look for perfection, rather concentrate on harmony, balance and mutual respect that is already part of your relationship. Strive to evolve and maintain an irreplaceable communication that step by step made you realize she is the one. Tell her what you want to say, don’t hide all those beautiful words that fill in your heart and are a bright illustration of how you feel about her.

You are here on this Planet to be happy, to stay active, always moving forward and never looking back, create and contemplate, love and be loved, and once you meet your soulmate, the one and the only “alike-thinker” continue your way together looking in the same direction. Let a surprise proposal at the beach in Akumal be the beginning of a new chapter of your life together with your beloved one!

Zoe and Lukas proposal took place at Akumal Bay and Beach Wellness resort in August.

Greetings and cheers!

Your proposal photographer in Akumal Elena Fedorova.

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