Trash the dress photography in Cancun.

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In our life we have happy and unique days. The same can happen with photosessions. In Cancun, these two concepts, happy and unique always go along together. Specifically unique is trash the dress photography (or how it is sometimes called TTD). Nowadays such kind of photo sessions are becoming more and more popular, especially with the just married couples who are visiting Cancun on their honeymoon. Wedding clothes always make the atmosphere of a session special, making all the process more exciting and even adventurous.

The Trash the dress photographs that you can see below were made in July, in one of the most popular beaches in Cancun. A Beautiful and cheerful couple, Irina and Roma, came to Mexico for their honeymoon and decided to make such an unusual photo session to convert their vacations in a more memorable adventure.

The Photosession was held closer to the sunset time when the light is especially good. The ligh is softer and makes the photos on the beach look more romantic.

A snow white beach, Caribbean Sea, your smiles, laugh and happiness those are the most important components of every successful photosession in Cancun.

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