Following his romantic proposal at the Niagara falls, came their even more romantic Riu Palace wedding in Playa del Carmen Mexico.

It was still cold and rainy in Canada, when they took their flight that promised to bring them to the bright, sunny and colorful part of Mexico – Playa del Carmen. Several months of wedding planning and arrangements were left behind. And ahead was a great day of joyful wedding celebration and a week of honeymoon vacation, glimmering with welcoming lights of Mexican hospitality and tropical, sunny ambiance.

They are an incredible cheerful and smiling couple. Even the fact that the wedding ceremony at Riu Palace Playa del Carmen was scheduled at 2 pm (that is considered the most undesirable time of the day for a ceremony) didn’t make them upset. Because after all it is their wedding day! And for two people in love, surrounded by the most beloved people on a very special day, nothing is impossible! I would even say anything is Possible! And so it was.

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Yes, I DO! – These words come out so naturally, when you feel real love and respect towards each other. And you know even hard times will happen for sure, staying close together and holding each other hand, supporting your spouse with warm and kind words will play it’s important role in overcoming any hard obstacle along the way.

Their Riu Palace wedding was filled with all the emotions symbolizing the wedding celebration. Parents, closest friends and relatives came together to join them and to enhance even more the feeling of love and unity!


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Riu Palace Mexico – what a great resort they have chosen for the wedding day. Totally appropriate for them in style and decorations. Classy and fabulous!

This article came to the end, but their story continues. They are now together as a family, as a wife and husband, two independent people making a one whole unity, cherished by both.


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“Marriage is about becoming a team. You are going to spend the rest of your life learning about each other, and every now and then, things blow up. But the beauty of the marriage is that if you picked the right personand you both love each other, you’ll always figure out a way to get through it” N.Sparks


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