Sometimes it happens… you meet people that show you another good side of life. And even if you meet just for a short period of time you remember them and their words forever.

Shirley contacted me couple of months prior to her visit to Cancun. As a result of our conversation via email, I scheduled for her a photo session on a very special day – her Birthday. She visited Cancun in December and this trip was dedicated to her 60th Birthday.

We did a photos session during a sunset on one of the most popular beach in Cancun. The weather was absolutely wonderful with clouds passing by, warm breeze and a beautiful Caribbean Sea.

We spent wonderful time together, talked a lot and of course I took photos showing how she is enjoying this perfect time in Cancun. She told me about her incredible experience of having a “Thank you diary” where at the end of every day she was writing several things for which she is grateful. Her story made me think about it and on the 1st of January I started my own gratitude diary. And I might say that this is one of the best practices I have ever tried. It helps to notice more of good things and pay less to zero attention to something negative. It’s like a good mental gym that helps to increase the level of positive vibes in your brain and consciousness.

Shirley looks absolutely gorgeous and Yes! …she doesn’t look her age and actually looks younger. “What is your secret of looking and feeling good?” – I asked her. Her answer was: “I work, eat healthy, go to the gym regularly and have my personal trainer, I believe in and practice gratitude, maintaining positive way of thinking. I don’t believe in artificial extension of youth and prefer to age gracefully!”

All that she said resonated in me, as my rules of life are the same. And hopefully when I reach her age, I will do it gracefully!

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